My name is Sylviane Nuccio, and I am a certified professional coach (CPC).

In the past, I have coached people in several different areas from building their online business to healing from toxic relationship patterns for women. All of it with very moderate success, because I kept missing the mark. Not because of lack of knowledge, but because this was the story I had told myself for so long. And I just didn’t how to fix that. Nothing did it for me. Not even spending thousands of dollars in business and personal coaching.

Eventually, when I was getting ready to give up on everything, but not without giving myself a final ultimatum. I discovered the teaching of Neville Goddard. This changed my life forever. The more I was learning about the law of assumption, and applying what I was learning, the less I was interested in coaching women in toxic relationships because this wasn’t my world anymore. And I realized that I had never really wanted to do this in the first place.

About Starting This Website

So, one day I acted on pure inspired action and decided to take down my Healing from Toxic Relationship Pattern Facebook group which was a dead group anyway, and created one to share my knowledge about Neville Goddard’s teaching. The group blew up in no time. At the time I also stopped what I was doing on YouTube to focus solely on my manifesting channel.

By applying what I teach I was able to change pretty much every area of my life, such as relationship, money, career, mindset, and more.

The reason why this website was created is because of the avalanches of positive feedback that I have received from my Facebook group members, YouTube subscribers, and of course, my clients.

If it’s your first time here, I would suggest that you start with my Blog and my Videos.

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