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“I am so delighted to have met Sylviane Nuccio. She is a magnificent coach with so many great qualities. Before meeting Sylviane I was going through a stressful and difficult time in my life. Sylviane taught me how to use some powerful techniques to manifest anything I want. Since learning about this law my life has improved tremendously. Sylviane has managed to help me change the way I think, among other things. I really appreciate everything she taught me and I would recommend her to anyone who is in need of a manifesting coach. She is so knowledgeable.  Thank you so much, Sylviane, you are a fantastic coach!”


To say how much I love the videos you made for me, they were definitely above and beyond my expectations. The writing and the reading were so good I felt goosebumps watching them because I could really “feel it“.  Even the warm and beautiful video sceneries amazed me, I just love them. I stopped watching all the other Manifestation coaches’ channels since I found you, you’re all I need.  You have a way to make Manifestation Life Course 101, so simple and clear. Truth be told, I’m terrible at social media, never cared for it, and don’t know how to use them.  I recently signed onto FB only to learn more about Manifestation and I immediately found you. I’m never one to reach out to strangers and never understood why would anyone want to expose their lives to the public but I’m so glad I did because I found you. Thank you for making such an impact on my life.  It’s a nice feeling to live freely and know that assumptions will always turn into reality. It’s so fun to have that much control over everything in life.


I found Sylviane channel as a YouTube suggestion, and out of curiosity, I listened to her video. As I binge-watched her channel I really can’t remember which one it was the first! You see, though I am fluent in English, some Neville Goddard’s teachers are not very clear for a foreign person, and Sylviane is clear! I heard her videos saying to myself “Oh now it makes sense!” I had some issues with 2 situations so I bought the email coaching from her packages. I knew it wasn’t just a reply that I would get, but also an explanation of why I was feeling and going through the situation and exercises to help me with my manifestation. You may think that that was it. I paid, she provided and if I wanted further assistance I would have to pay more. But that was not what happened. Sylviane does not forget us! I am on her Facebook group where she replies to every single post and doubts you might have. That is priceless. Sylvianne knows what she is talking about, she is a coach and a friend, she really cares. Since I found her, I truly feel more aware of my thoughts and feelings, and the exterior does not bother me as much as they used to do. I am truly grateful to have found Sylvianne!


I was meant to meet Sylviane. It is very clear to me now. She is the most helpful, caring, considerate, and kind person imaginable. She never gives up. She sees greatness in others,  and she’s determined to bring it up. She never gave up on me and she took the interest and time to understand why I struggled so much. I spent my whole life thinking no one cares about me and she proved me wrong. Thank you for being there for me at every turn and for trusting in me. I will be forever. Grateful. Jana



I had a super, duper fantastic session with Sylviane Nuccio! We spent time helping me focus on positive manifestations in my life. Much of it a mindset, but sometimes I just can’t find the words (in my head) to make it positive. She explained and made me aware of where specific thoughts come from (in reference to my life). If you have not had a session with her, you should! I’ve known Sylviane for years now and I’m just more and more impressed with the simplicity in which she helps us see our vision/manifestations. My love for her patience and kindness keeps moving up the Richer scale. She has always been there for me and she will be for you too. Talk to her, she makes it seem so easy. If you have not had a personal session with her, don’t wait… for real… do it!


I am so excited to report everything is FANTASTIC!  I’m so very blessed for everything that has transpired in the last two months – almost from day one.  I’m hoping to gain some new insight from you or shall I say tools.


For the past 1.5 years, I have been struggling, watching one youtube video after another. Until one day I ran into one of Sylviane’s videos. What she said really appealed to me. Her explanation was to the point and very understandable.

I contacted her for one on one coaching sessions. She listened to my story and taught me so much. She made me understand what my blocks are and helped me understand how I could change the way I think. She not only knows a lot about manifestation, but also about life. And she is an expert in Neville Goddard. Sylviane wants the best for her clients and cares for them. I was pleasantly surprised when she told me she was visualizing for me so I could get the best result.

You know, Sylviane isn’t just a coach, she’s like a friend to you. She really takes the time to assist you, to be there when you need her.

I am so happy that I got to know her. She is a very good coach and such a special person.

Thank you so much, Sylviane!

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Sylviane this was EXCELLENT!!! Loved it! What a great addition to the VIP group. I’m going to be listening to this one again and again.

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Thank you sooo much for your work…you are such an amazing person!! You have changed my life.

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This is one of the best I have ever heard for wealth and money, love it.

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Thank you Sylviane, it was very romantic and beautiful. I had a nice glass of wine and a delicious meal from my free food manifestation and then I lay down in SATs and listened. The previous night I had a sweet dream about my SP warm and smiling – my subconscious is relaxing a bit more so this was perfect timing.

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This is simply the best. Thanks a lot! All is included, I really love it! Is there a possibility to download it?


For me, this guide it´s like reading Neville so far – with every read, I get a deeper and better understanding and can apply it better. This guide really makes things so clear and helps so much!

Belicta Castelbarco

I enjoyed reading your guide because is very well structured and explains the basics of what is manifesting, the difference between the Law of Assumption, and many misunderstandings that people might have when they come from the law of attraction background. A lot of practical exercises are easy to use. Of course, the topic “specific person” is in the guide included, but you clearly explain that manifesting an SP is under the same Law.

The guide is truly an excellent complete workbook written with a deep knowledge of Neville Goddard’s teachings and the Law. A wonderful enrichment for beginner and advanced conscious manifestors.


Sylviane is the best manifestation coach I’ve worked with. Her knowledge and application of the LAW have helped me greatly in my journey. She is living proof of the application of the law. Every time I would lose hope or feel that it doesn’t work, she would remind me of my power.

I’m so grateful and happy I manifested Sylviane into my life to help me remember my power to create the reality I desire. Her kind heart and compassion are not so easily found in the manifestation coaching space, and it is very appreciated and needed. I was in a very low-self-concept, full of lots of emotions when I first started working with her, and she didn’t make me feel bad for being where I was. This helped me to improve my self-concept from a place of love and compassion and leave the self-abandonment and self-hate behind. I highly recommend her to anyone who is thinking about working with her.


This is by far the most comprehensive guide of its kind. There’s no room for questions with this. This is a wonderful and concise, yet modern, companion to Neville’s teachings. Worth every penny.


Before I discovered you, I didn’t have a good in-depth understanding of Neville. With your crystal clear and excellent explanations, knowledge, and interpretation of Neville’s teachings, I am able to understand Neville’s principles so much better.


With Sylviane’s help, I manifested a relationship after being single for 5 years. He showed up after 3 months of following her instructions and did SATS and affirmations. I also recently got a new car, and after waiting months for the car I was watching one of her videos and started feeling myself in the car and the dealer called me the following day to say the car would be here in 2 weeks. Sylviane is a great teacher and has helped me understand manifesting and the power of my imagination. I’m very grateful for her instruction.


I found that Sylviane’s manifesting book, based on spiritual law is a wonderful roadmap and support to live the life you wish! In this book, she abstracted all of her written articles on Neville’s teachings and her audio recordings (on her social network channels) in a very efficient manner. I can feel a very experienced person speaking about spiritual law application. I follow up on every new video she releases on her channel, because the quality of the content is always high. I consider Sylviane to be the best representative of Neville Goddard’s teachings. Congratulations on this work, Sylviane!


I am reading your Manifesting Guide for the 2nd time and getting more from it than 1st time. Truly helpful and transformative! 

It ties everything perfectly together, clarifies, and reminds me of what I forgot.  It is interesting how you were able to create it for someone new but also for an already focused conscious manifestor – it gives to everyone over and over. 


Also, I do not want to keep bragging in class, but I discovered Neville a year ago and been listening to your podcasts daily, which helped me ease into this teaching…YET, adding the CM Guide, Group Coaching, and meditations, I am happier, more confident, and recently experiencing “unbelievable” manifestations —  even desires I forgot I wanted, and all manifesting in FUNNY effortless ways. It almost seems unfair, but I am so appreciative because after 8 years of unsuccessful law of attraction, I feel I am finally making some sense of life lol! 


I just wanted to tell you that the last few weeks have brought a huge revelation to me. Working with you in the last 10 months was like going to the gym every day to tone my body, and now I stand in front of my mirror and admire this amazing body that turned out even better than I expected. All our work is finally visible in my 3D.

The more my consciousness has been expanding, the more I understood that the understanding and mastering of the law was about way more than manifesting my ONE desire. The law is the key to life and everything in life. Looking back at my education, my work career, all the expensive holidays, and my apartment that I invested my time and money in – I realise that the most important investment of my life was my one to one sessions with you and working on myself and becoming a conscious manifestor. I don’t know how to thank you for it. Yes, you did not invent the law, nor did Neville, but you were the one teaching me the law. I admire your work and hope you will get many other people to the level you have got me to!

Many thanks and big hug! So glad our life paths have crossed.

Your client/student,


Sylviane, I have learned so much (and still learning) from your personal coaching sessions, VIP group membership, videos, blog posts and podcasts. Before I discovered you, I was completely lost and I didn't have a good in-depth understanding of the Law of Assumption. With your crystal clear explanations, knowledge and interpretation of Neville's teachings, I am able to understand with clarity and implement Neville's principles with such ease that I was inspired to design my best artworks that have manifested great financial success for my business. Communicating with you is always easy, safe and comfortable. You are hands down the most amazing Manifestation Coach I have ever worked with — your wisdom, guidance, time, kindness, care and attention. Thank you for genuine caring support and assisting me in my manifestation journey. From the bottom of my heart, I will be forever grateful to you!

- Y.H.