I found Sylviane channel as a YouTube suggestion, and out of curiosity, I listened to her video. As I binge-watched her channel I really can’t remember which one it was the first! You see, though I am fluent in English, some Neville Goddard’s teachers are not very clear for a foreign person, and Sylviane is clear! I heard her videos saying to myself “Oh now it makes sense!” I had some issues with 2 situations so I bought the email coaching from her packages. I knew it wasn’t just a reply that I would get, but also an explanation of why I was feeling and going through the situation and exercises to help me with my manifestation. You may think that that was it. I paid, she provided and if I wanted further assistance I would have to pay more. But that was not what happened. Sylviane does not forget us! I am on her Facebook group where she replies to every single post and doubts you might have. That is priceless. Sylvianne knows what she is talking about, she is a coach and a friend, she really cares. Since I found her, I truly feel more aware of my thoughts and feelings, and the exterior does not bother me as much as they used to do. I am truly grateful to have found Sylvianne!