Sylviane is the best manifestation coach I’ve worked with. Her knowledge and application of the LAW have helped me greatly in my journey. She is living proof of the application of the law. Every time I would lose hope or feel that it doesn’t work, she would remind me of my power.

I’m so grateful and happy I manifested Sylviane into my life to help me remember my power to create the reality I desire. Her kind heart and compassion are not so easily found in the manifestation coaching space, and it is very appreciated and needed. I was in a very low-self-concept, full of lots of emotions when I first started working with her, and she didn’t make me feel bad for being where I was. This helped me to improve my self-concept from a place of love and compassion and leave the self-abandonment and self-hate behind. I highly recommend her to anyone who is thinking about working with her.