To say how much I love the videos you made for me, they were definitely above and beyond my expectations. The writing and the reading were so good I felt goosebumps watching them because I could really “feel it“.  Even the warm and beautiful video sceneries amazed me, I just love them. I stopped watching all the other Manifestation coaches’ channels since I found you, you’re all I need.  You have a way to make Manifestation Life Course 101, so simple and clear. Truth be told, I’m terrible at social media, never cared for it, and don’t know how to use them.  I recently signed onto FB only to learn more about Manifestation and I immediately found you. I’m never one to reach out to strangers and never understood why would anyone want to expose their lives to the public but I’m so glad I did because I found you. Thank you for making such an impact on my life.  It’s a nice feeling to live freely and know that assumptions will always turn into reality. It’s so fun to have that much control over everything in life.