What is Intuition Truly is?

What is intuition truly is

I used to pride myself on having a strong intuition about things, and I can remember quite a few intuition episodes that manifested soon after in my 3D life. Back then, I was convinced that my intuition was a “warning” signal. Interestingly, since I know what intuition truly is all about I do no longer what those intuition episodes. And once you will be done reading this article you will understand why.

I used to believe that my intuition was meant to help me “prevent” the bad things that I was feeling from happening, but the truth is that it never did. Whatever I was feeling as an “intuition” was negative for the most part and I wasn’t able to do anything to prevent it from happening. It was actually the opposite, it always manifested. So, if my intuition was meant to prevent or warn me and protect me from something bad to happen, why didn’t it? Or was it that I had it all wrong about what intuition truly is to start with?

If you are still confused about intuition even though you are becoming a master manifestor, then this article is for you.

What Intuition is NOT

The best way to understand what intuition truly is it’s to start with what it is not.

Intuition is not intervention from an external divine force. And how glad am to know this now, because it used to drive me crazy to believe that it was, but at the same time not understanding what it was for anyway since it never helped me to prevent the unwanted. This is what happens when you believe a lie. On one hand, you are believing it, and on the other, you can’t help but know that it’s not making any sense.

Intuition is NOT Divine intervention. Intuition is not a warning signal, and it’s not something that was “given” to us. And, no, intuition isn’t a useless tool that can only tell you things that you would have found out just a bit later anyway, either. So what is intuition, really?

What Intuition Truly is

Intuition is the knowing, the feeling, the living in the end of something that has not yet happened in the 3D world. Intuition is actually the fruit of your imagination. What you used to believe to be something given to you, is simply your imaginal act about to manifest. Once you’ve imagined something long enough, even if it was not fully conscious, or even unconscious, at some point, you are going to “feel it real” and soon after that, as per the law, it will manifest. You didn’t have the intuition BECAUSE it was going to happen, but it happened because you felt it real. You were having a living in the end/feeling it real moment, and thus you’ve manifested it.

Next time you want to ask the question, what does it mean to live in the end, or feeling it real? Remember the last time you had an “intuition” and you’ll have your answer. You felt it so real that it manifested. Whether it was a good or a bad so-called intuition.

So now that you know what intuition really is all about, can you still use it for good? Can you use it as a conscious manifestor? Yes, you can.

What Your Intuition is Really Telling You

Your intuition is simply showing you what you are imagining on a regular basis. No wonder my so-called intuitions were pretty much always of the negative kind because that’s what I used to imagine. I used to pretty much always imagine negative stuff, thus my “feeling it real” moments (my intuitions) had to reflect that. Then, sure enough, that negative feeling manifested in my 3D very soon after.

I remember very well my last “intuitive moments” before I became aware of the law of assumption and how we manifest. I had that strong heavy feeling about something that was about to show up in my world. However, I didn’t know that it was simply ME feeling what I had been cooking in my imagination for the last couple of months. I didn’t know that it was just my inner-self telling me, OK, you’ve been imagining this long enough and well enough, so now congratulations, it is coming! 48 hours later it happened. If only I had known that I could still have changed that. This wasn’t some external warning of some doom stuff falling upon me, it was just ME truly feeling and knowing, living in the end of what I had been imagining for weeks prior.

If you’re asking yourself the question, how does it feel to “live in the end of the wish fulfilled?” That’s exactly HOW it feels. It’s the strong feeling of something that has not yet shown up in your 3D reality, but you know it’s done! That’s what people call intuition.

So, don’t be fooled by your so-called intuition. I know that some of you still are believing that your intuition is outside of you and you still feel that it is some type of warning. But if you feel this way, I promise you that you couldn’t be more wrong. This is coming from someone who used to think that she has a strong intuition. But as I said at the beginning of this article, since I know what intuition truly is, I do no longer have such intuitions. Why? Because now I know how to control my thoughts, I know how to become aware of what’s going on in my imagination, and I know that when I feel a strong feeling, it’s just me feeling it real, living in the end of what I have imagined prior.

So, next time you have an intuition moment, just go back in your memory and analyzed what you’ve been imagining in regards to what you feel an “intuition” about. Then, the veil behind this “mystery” will be removed, and you will clearly see that what you’re feeling right now it’s just what you’ve been imagining (good or bad) which is about to harden into fact in your 3D world. Then, instead of being led by your so-called intuition, you will be able to create it as you wish, and you will call this, living in the end of your wish fulfilled.


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