Everyone Is You Pushed Out (Explained)

Everyone is you pushed out

When we first hear of the concept everyone is you pushed out, we may completely miss what it means altogether, or maybe not fully understand it. With this article, my goal is to explain what everyone is you pushed out means, and discredit the so-called Neville Goddard ‘experts’ that are saying that Neville never taught such a thing. 

Because, yes, they are out there and I am constantly receiving messages and emails asking me if what they are saying is true. This article will put this subject at rest for good.

Everyone is You Pushed Out, Not a Neville Goddard’s Teaching?

The whole vast world is yourself pushed out. All that you behold, though it appears without it is within in your own wonderful human imagination of which this world of mortality is but a shadow – Neville Goddard

Maybe those who are saying that Neville Goddard never taught that we are everyone pushed out don’t understand that the word “world” means. Well, according to a well-known dictionary, the definition of the word ‘world’ is: “The earth with its inhabitants and all things upon it.” That’s right, that’s what we understand by the expression “the world.” 

By “the world” Neville meant just that, everything and everyone in it. There no way around this. Except when we are speaking about the planet as the globe, every time we are using the term ‘the world’ we mean the people in it.

The world is yourself pushed out, or everyone is you pushed out is exactly the same thing. I hope this will put this debate to rest for good.

What Does Everyone is You Pushed Out Mean?

You have no life in my world save that I am conscious of you. You are rooted in me and, like fruit, you bear witness of the vine that I AM. There is no reality in the world other than a consciousness. Although you may now seem to be what you do not want to be, all you need is to change it, and to prove the change by circumstances in your world, is to quietly assume that you are that which you now want to be, and in a way you do not know you will become it.

There is no other way to change this world. “I AM the way” My IAMness, my consciousness is the way by which I change the world. As I change my concept of self, I change my world. When men and women help or hinder us, they only play the part that we, by our concept of self, wrote for them, and they play it automatically. They must play the parts they are playing because we are what we are. Neville Goddard – Lectures Volume 1

The basic concept of everyone is you pushed out means that the way people act, think, feel, behave towards you, etc. is whatever you assume to be true of yourself, of them, and of them in relation to you. Because everything and everyone exists only in your consciousness. Nothing exists outside of your own consciousness. 

This is why free will is just an illusion just like linear time. Everyone you meet (not just romantic partners) is an aspect of yourself – is YOU pushed out. 

People you work with, people you live with, people you meet, people you date, etc, are all a representation of yourself. The way they act towards you and the way they treat you is always in accordance to your consciousness. This is why you can meet someone who acts a certain way for a time, but then their behavior completely changes. They didn’t change on their own, they changed according to your own consciousness and beliefs about yourself, about them, and about what you expect of them.

For example, you were hired by a boss that’s seemed cool and even liked you at first, but then because of your own subconscious beliefs/your self-concept, their behavior towards you changed. They became unfair and mean, and they ended up firing you.

You meet a wonderful romantic partner that loves and adores you at first, but three months later they become distant and they leave you from one day to the next.

Or yet again you keep meeting people that hurt you in one way or another or always end up treating pretty much the same way no matter who they are, their relationship to you, or where they come from.

All the above behaviors manifest because they exist in your consciousness. Those people are one hundred percent yourself pushed out.

Did Neville Goddard Never Teach That We Can Manifest a Specific Person?

Maybe, like me, you’ve heard interviews from Neville Goddard so-called “experts” saying that Neville never taught that we can manifest a romantic partner, commonly called a ‘specific person’ in the Neville Goddard community.

Well, when I first heard that I was shocked since I remembered listening to one of his lectures, where Neville said that he manifested his second wife. But I couldn’t remember where I heard it.

Thankfully, one of my YouTube channel subscribers found it, and kindly let me know about it. Here is what Neville says about meeting his wife: “I met my wife in 1936, I fell in love with her the very moment I saw her. She didn’t with me, but she didn’t know that she was going to be my wife, I knew it that very moment, I just knew it. I said that you don’t know it but you’re going to be my wife.”

So, he clearly admits that as soon as he saw his wife-to-be he fell in love with her, but she didn’t. However, he said to himself that even though she didn’t know it yet, she was going to be his wife.

I don’t know how clearer this could be. Now, knowing that Neville Goddard practiced what he taught if he knew that she was going to be his wife while she wasn’t feeling the same way he did about her, How was this going to happen? He knew it was going to happen because he was going to manifest her using his wonderful human imagination, as he used to say.

And following Neville, many people of his time as well as modern times, have manifested their specific person.

Here is an experience from one of Neville’s students of his time who manifested her specific person. This story appears in his book The Law and the Promise :

“Last August, while on a ‘blind date’ I met the man I wanted to marry. This happens sometimes, and it happened to me. He was everything I had ever thought of as desirable in a husband. Two days after this enchanted evening, it was necessary for me to change my place of residence because of my work, and that same week the mutual friend who had introduced me to this man, moved away from the city. I realized that the man I had met probably did not know of my new address, and frankly, I was not sure he knew my name.

“After your last lecture, I spoke to you of this situation. Although I had plenty of other ‘dates’ I could not forget this one man. Your lecture was based on revising our day; and after speaking to you, I determined to revise my day, every day. Before going to sleep that night, I felt I was in a different bed, in my own home, as a married woman — and not as a single working girl, sharing an apartment with three other girls. I twisted an imaginary wedding band on my imaginary left hand, saying over and over to myself, ‘This is wonderful! I really am Mrs. J.E.!’ and I fell asleep in what was — a moment before — a waking dream.

“I repeated this imaginary scene for one month, night after night. The first week in October he ‘found’ me. On our second date, I knew my dreams were rightly placed. Your teaching tells us to live in the end of our desire until that desire becomes ‘fact’ so although I did not know how he felt toward me, I continued, night after night, living in the feeling of my dream realized.

“The results? In November he proposed. In January we announced our engagement; and the following May we were married. The loveliest part of it all, however, is that I am happier than I ever dreamed possible; and I know in my heart, he is too.” …Mrs. J.E

As you can see, manifesting a specific person is not new. Neville did it, some of his students did it, and modern day Neville Goddard’s students are still doing it.

My Own Specific Person’s Story

For the longest time, I was a victim of my own mind. I thought that the world was against me because I had adopted that belief as a young child. Once you have a belief, it becomes part of your consciousness and it MUST play out day in and day out because it’s the law.

This belief played out in my life on pretty much everyone I have ever met. People would take advantage of me, slander me, abandon me, and even mistreat me. This lasted for decades.

It’s only when I woke up to the fact that I was responsible for what was happening in my life that I understood that I could change that, and actually changed it.

When I met my partner, I had been working on MY-self for about 3 years. I had been single since my last awful relationship, free, happy, and surrounded by my favorite beings, animals. No offense. And for the duration of those few years, I became whole and happy with myself, with the slighted need for a romantic partner. Not that I didn’t want anyone for the rest of my life, but it was not my first concern.

At the time I was into helping people in a completely different arena. And as a result, I was receiving thank you emails on a weekly basis. And one day, I received an email from someone who had been very much involved in what I was helping people with, and since my work had helped him a lot, he wanted to thank me for that.

I replied to him. He wasn’t expecting a reply from me, so he replied back to tell me how agreeably surprised he was that I replied. so I replied back to him again. We exchanged a dozen emails back and forth during that week. Then he asked me if we could speak on the phone. So we scheduled a day and time to speak on the phone.

For someone like me who is never late, I was late calling him that day because I had a client just before plus lots of things to do, so when I finally reached out to my phone to call him he had already texted me like 3 times, are you there? I’m here! I’m ready when you are…

That day, I had no idea that I was going to speaking to the man of my life.

Eventually, he started sending me recordings of his story rather than writing long emails. And that’s when I fell in love with that man that I had not yet seen. I just knew that he was a version of me, and we had so much in common.

When I made the conscious decision (the assumption) that this man was mine. I didn’t visualize, and I didn’t do any technique. I simply fully assumed that it was done. And I remember feeling it in my stomach area where feelings come from. And then I relaxed and let go basically. Meaning I wasn’t obsessed with it.

About 10 days after my assumption, this man, who I still hardly knew and who hardly knew me, had a very vivid dream about me. I was lying in bed next to him (instead of his wife) and I had just gotten up and walked towards the kitchen. He then got up as well and held me by the waist from behind and I put my head on his shoulder. And he woke up.

After that dream, he couldn’t get me out of his head, but at the same time, he didn’t understand what was happening to him. We were still perfect strangers as he put it.

What was happening is what’s happening on the other side of the curtain of our consciousness, so to speak, when you are manifesting a specific person. I was not aware that my assumption had “taken effect” as it were, and bridges of incidents were taking place. I had planted my seed and it was growing. This was early August, and on the last day of September, after a few more bridges, my assumption hardened into fact in the 3D world. We were officially in a relationship.

Like Neville himself, and like hundreds of Neville’s students, I had manifested my specific person.

Are We Manipulating People by Manifesting Them?

The whole vast world is yourself pushed out. Everyone is you pushed out. No exception. As long as you assume something to be true, consciously, or unconsciously, whether it is a person, an event, a job, anything… it will manifest in your external reality.

But before it does, it must exist in you, therefore, there is nothing to change, but you. An assumption is constructed inside you. And as long you don’t contradict that assumption with opposite thoughts and feelings it will “harden into fact” as Neville Goddard used to say.

Since there is only one consciousness, yourself, there is no such thing as manipulating others. Everyone is you pushed out is always working whether you are aware of it or not. So, if you “think” that you are manipulating others by consciously manifesting them, you are doing the exact same thing unconsciously every single day anyway.

The only reason why some LOA coaches say that you are manipulating others by consciously manifesting them, it’s because they believe in separation. They are not aware we are all one, and that there is only ONE consciousness and that nothing exists outside of your own consciousness.

So, when you’re experiencing people loving you, being neutral towards you, or hating you, it is your own consciousness that is playing out. Understanding this concept has changed my whole life. Since I am aware of this the people I meet now are the extreme opposite of the people I used to meet.

That’s how I went from awful relationships to someone who loves and adores me, and has nothing but compliments for me every single day. But I am fully aware that I manifest every single of my relationships. Not just this one.

Even though it appears that people have changed around me, it is me that has changed. The shift happened within me first. People are only reflecting my new self-concept. My new self-concept includes what I believe about myself and what I believe about others. Which is different from what I used to believe. Because of this shift, my whole life has changed in all areas.

Once you understand that everything in the whole vast world is a reflection of you, you and the world around you are bound to change.

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