Self-love – The Concept of Self That Will Change Your Life


Love is our birthright, do not go seek for that which you are – Neville Goddard

Love is your birthright. The fact that you were even born is proof that you are love and thus deserving of love.

Talking to many people who are in the process of manifesting a specif person, I can say that the number one issue that I find is that people, by a wide majority, don’t love themselves.

Not loving yourself is the number one reason why your specific person has left you, and as long as you do not heal the wounds that manifested that event, getting them back will be challenging. This is why I think that such an article was needed.

Six years ago, I finally realized that most of my problems came from the fact that I didn’t love myself. On the surface, it seemed that I did, but deep down inside I still had some serious wounds that I needed to address. Soon after my realization, my life took a drastic turn, which first seemed to be for the worst, but in fact, this was only a bridge of incident for my journey to self-love and for my life to completely change.

Self Love is What You Are at the Source

Self-love has nothing to do with the ability to love others. I never had any problem giving love to people while I most definitely had issues with loving myself. When you don’t love yourself it’s not because you are not able to love others or that you are not a good person, it is because you have subconscious beliefs that are preventing you from loving yourself.

Understanding what self-love is all about will change you and everything in your life.

I noticed that some people, even in the manifesting community, like to defend the fact that self-love is not a requirement to manifest, but they are only saying that because they don’t understand what self-love truly is. Self-love is not something that you do to get from point A to point B, self-love is what you are. And unless you get that, you don’t know what self-love means. 

When you are in the state of self-love, it’s something that comes from within, it is who you truly are. Self-love was always in you to start with, but somehow, because of your upbringing and other 3D circumstances, you have forgotten who you truly are.

Self-Love is a Concept of Self

Your concept of self is the concept in which you are thinking from. This is why changing the concept of self is so important to be able to manifest big changes in your life. When you love yourself your concept of self goes to the roof automatically because it’s the most powerful concept of self you could have.

When you realize that you ARE love you know that you can be and have anything you want. When you love yourself nothing is missing, nothing is lacking, nothing is wrong, and there are no such things as mistakes.

Once you love yourself, once you know that you are the source of all the love that you desire, nothing can stop you. This is why self-love is vital to manifest your desires, no matter what they are.

Can you manifest even if you don’t love yourself? Well, we always manifest, right? But my guess is that if you are stuck in your manifesting process right now, learning to love yourself will fix everything, because it is a powerful self-concept to have.

Once you know that you are the source of the love that you are looking for, your specific person will appear easily and effortlessly. But you will realize that your specific person is is just one of the facets of your life that are going to change, because self-love leads to all types of blessings.

How Lack of Self-Love Affects All Areas of Life

When you love yourself, life loves you back. 

Once you understand that you are the only source of the love that you seek, every area of your life will be positively affected as well. You will feel love from others, you will feel fearless, happy, forgiving, and successful at every level.

But lack of self-love is equally powerful. Lack of self-love can lead to heartache, fear, depression, envy, jealousy, diseases, failure, and more.

When life is tough the root of the problem always goes back to lack of self-love. And the reason why we know that it’s that once you learn to practice and develop self-love from within all your problems disappear one by one. You get your ex back, you find new love, you get that job that you’ve always wanted, and life as a whole becomes easy.

When you love yourself, life opens up for you in all areas. Self-love will propel you to places you’ve never been before. But if you have never been in that place of love, how can you find it? 

You Can Start Loving Yourself Now

There is no mistake. Nothing is missing. Nothing is wrong. You are love. You are enough. You are limitless. The only person that you need to convince is YOU.

The majority of people who have discovered the teaching of Neville Goddard discovered it because they were trying to find a way to manifest a specific person. And if you are reading this, there is a good chance that this was your reason for finding Neville Goddard’s teaching. In such a case, I don’t have to tell you how the power of love is strong of motivation because if it wasn’t for the love that you have for your specific person, you might have never found Neville.

But now that you have found that marvelous teaching that is changing your life, you need to understand that the only reason that you have it’s because you were ready for it. The fact that you found these teachings is not so much that you’ll be able to manifest your specific person back, even though you will, but that you are on your way to finding yourself.

Loving yourself is journey and practice because most of us have totally forgotten who we truly are. We have accepted to come here as a blank canvas to have a human experience with an array of choices. One of those choices that are presented to you is to learn to love yourself.

You can choose to take the challenge and see where it will lead you, or you can choose not to. But if you do choose to love yourself, your life is going to change beyond belief. I know it did for me, and I know it will for you too.


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