How to Know that You Are the Operant Power


I decided to write this article today, based on a client’s question. She wanted to know HOW to be fully conscious that she is the operant power. It is true that it’s one thing to understand this concept intellectually, but it’s another to actually KNOW from within that we are the operant power, that we are the ONE pulling the strings of our own life. So, if this is you, if you have an intellectual understanding that you are the operant power, but are not fully convinced of that deep down inside, this article is for you.

Use Your Past As Proof that You Are the Operant Power

Don’t just listen to it, but try it. You are the operant power; it doesn’t operate itself. РNeville Goddard

The first thing to understand is that there is no magic pill that we can swallow to aid your spiritual awakening. It’s a process. Most of us, not to say all of us, were born in an environment that taught us that we are limited and that we are a the mercy of life, the element, God’will, etc… so it’s no wonder that it’s not “natural” for us to know that we are controlling our life and everything in it. As a matter of fact, since we have created the assumption of the opposite, we are manifesting “proofs” that our assumption is correct. This is why it’s so difficult for many people, even in the manifesting community, to assume that they are the operant power and to see proof of that.

This said, however, there is a place you can go to and see that you have always manifested your life and the people in it, long before you became aware of conscious manifesting. And this place is your past.

For me, the biggest thing that convinced me that I am the operant power was going back into memory lane. When I learned that everyone was me pushed out, all I had to do is recall the kind of people that I had manifested my whole life, whether they were romantic patterns, friends, bosses, and more. Pretty much all of those people, throughout my whole life, and on two different continents, were pretty much the same.

So, as I analyzed my life, I didn’t need anyone to convince¬†me that¬†“I” was the common denominator for all the people’s versions I encountered. And furthermore, I knew that the version that I manifested of those people¬†was NOT their only version, because I was aware of people who knew a different version of them. So, there had to be more than one version of a person. I, as the operant power of MY reality, manifested the “monster,” “the selfish,” “the abuser,” “the opportunist…” but I actually KNEW for a fact, that other people had manifested a totally different version of the same people.

So, as the operant power of my reality, I manifested those people in a negative version of theirs. However, since I was ignorant of the law of assumption, even though I knew that,¬†it was not registering to my spiritual-asleep-self.¬†It’s when I discovered Neville Goddard’s teaching that it became all so clear and evident to me. I couldn’t deny it. It was all there for me to see, even if it was in my 3D “past.”

The BEST and EASIEST way to understand that YOU ARE the Operant Power and use that power consciously is to do reverse engineering as I did. Go back to your past and analyze your patterns.

So now, one might ask the question, how did I manifest all those bad versions of people over a few decades on two different continents? With my thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and assumptions. I had come to believe that people were there to get me, that I was not lucky in love, that I was never the chosen one, that people always ended up taking advantage of me, abandoning me, and hurting me. All of that came from my thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and assumptions about myself and other people. And Thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and assumptions are related and entwined to one another.

So, how can you change your thoughts, beliefs, and assumption then? Because there lies the whole secret of changing your life.

Affirmations will Anchor Your New Beliefs

I did it, I am doing it, and I will continue to do it until that which I have done is perfectly externalized within my world. – Neville Goddard

As adults,¬†we are literally made up of memories that are not even ours.¬†Between the age of 0 and 7 years old, when our subconscious mind was really the dominant or our two minds (conscious and subconscious) we were like sponges absorbing everything around us as true. As adults, we have beliefs that don’t serve us because they were put there by other¬†people who were ignorant of spiritual law. ¬†So, unless you change those limiting beliefs you are going to manifest according to such beliefs, pretty much on autopilot.¬†That’s what you’ve been doing your whole life.

The best method that we have ever found to change the old programming that doesn’t serve us anymore is the use of specific affirmations. This is the best and quickest way to reprogram YEARS of subconscious beliefs that have been manifesting on autopilot for you. When you become a conscious manifestor, you can reprogram your subconscious mind by reshaping your thinking patterns by telling yourself a new story and drop the old.

For most people, visualization and SATS alone are not enough to create that change, because there is plenty of time in between where the mind will wander and get back to what it’s used to. As a matter of fact, I have recently realized that people who simply keep readjusting their thoughts when they become aware of negative ones, instead of affirming consciously and actively, are making much slower progress if any in some cases.

That’s why you need to affirm and reaffirm what you want to be and have. As you do, you will have images starting to take shape in your minds (even if you don’t realize it). And little by little, with persistence, you will end up convincing your subconscious mind of your new story. You will even start to create new memories for yourself that will playback instead of the old ones.

That’s why affirmations not only work, but they are necessary to reprogram OUR-SELF-CONCEPT. Even people who deny that they have ever used affirmations to transform their self-concept, simply don’t realize that they have done it without being aware of doing it. And the reason why I know this, it’s that we constantly speak to ourselves. So, even if you didn’t do it consciously and out loud as an exercise to change your concept of self, you’ve done it regardless.

You rise to a higher level of consciousness by taking your attention away from your present limitations and placing it upon that which you desire to be. – Neville Goddard

Affirmations will help you to bring awareness to a new story, and the repetition¬†of that new story, over time, will harden into fact. The subconscious mind is always eager to give us proof of our beliefs (good, bad, or indifferent). For example, when it comes to a specific person if you believe that they have free will and that they are using that free will to run away from you…, if you believe that they are this or that…, if you believe that they are above you, somehow (on a pedestal), etc… Your¬†subconscious mind has no choice but to show¬†you that this is true. It has no choice because that’s what the subconscious mind DOES. What is true to you MUST be true.

So, be sure that you fill your subconscious mind with well-chosen and specific affirmations in order to create your new story. Then, your subconscious mind will be eager to show how true this is. This is what being the operant power is all about.


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