There is No Power Outside of You

This time of the year is very popular for making New Year resolutions. However, the average person who makes New Year resolutions will drop them before the end of February. You know that right? You’ve done it, and I’ve done it too.

The reason why we can’t keep our New Year resolutions it’s because there’s nothing into the “New Year,” the new year doesn’t have magic powers, because it is YOU who ARE the power. It is you who needs to decide to change yourself at any time of the year and you are the one who can decide to keep on with it or not.

When we give power to the new year, the new moon, zodiac signs, or even the techniques or rituals that we use to get into the state of our wish fulfilled, we give power to second causes, when the power is within. You are the power.

The Answers Are Within

Rebirth depends on inner work of one’s self. No one can be reborn without changing this self. Any time an entirely new set of reactions enters into a person’s life, a change of consciousness has taken place; a spiritual rebirth has occurred. – Neville Goddard

Even in the manifesting community, I run into a lot of people asking me questions, on a daily basis, about how they could use the 3D to fix their problems in one way or another. But the thing is that there’s nothing in the 3D that CAN fix your problems because the 3D is not where birth takes place. But what do I mean, you might ask?

As Neville said in the quote above, rebirth depends on inner work of one’s self. In order to be reborn as the new you, you’ve got to make a change in consciousness. And based on that change in consciousness your outer world will change. That change in consciousness is a shift in your state of consciousness, or simply state, for short.

A good example of our state of consciousness is when we are triggered. When a specific topic triggers you, or if someone says something with no intent to hurt whatsoever, but you feel hurt by what they said, it’s because YOU are in a state where you feel triggered by what they said. On the other hand, someone else hearing the exact same remarks while in a different state will not feel triggered at all.

Those triggers need to be addressed from within. As you heal yourself from within by working on your state of consciousness, what used to trigger you in the past won’t trigger you anymore. If you are still triggered by it, you have not yet shifted from that state where the trigger exists.

Those hurts and triggers that exist in your 3D world come from within you, so the only place to address them and to heal them it’s from within. You can use your power within to do this. It’s actually the only place where it can be done.

You’re Not Separate From Others

When the doubt set in, the doubt materialized into a person. I didn’t know him but he only reflects that mood of doubt in me – Neville Goddard

Someone who follows me on social media told me the other day, I don’t want my SP anymore but can I make him regret me? The problem with this it’s that the moment you wish something on someone else, you wish it on yourself. In this case, that person that you want to regret you is not separated from you, and since YOU are the one imagining regrets, you are the one who is going to feel regrets. As a matter of fact, that person already felt regret for not having been able to manifest her SP, so she gave up on him and then wanted him to regret her. She wanted him to feel what she was feeling.

And this is not a unique case, by any means, so many people wanting to manifest an SP feel just like that.

We see this phenomenon with the SP situation a lot. Let’s be honest, the majority of new people landing in the manifesting community are people who are after a specific person (a romantic partner). Most of those people are still in a needy place, they want that person very badly. They think about their SP every single day, it’s the number one concern in their lives. Everything revolved around that specific person.

If this is you, unfortunately, that neediness feeling is affecting you, not your SP. What you feel inside must play out onto your world first before it could play out on anyone else’s. As a matter of fact, the energy of want and neediness has a strong tendency to push people away. So, the more you want that SP over there, the more they stay over there, out of reach. This is why YOU are the one wanting the SP, while on their end, they are OK without you.

However, there’s a very easy fix for that, which is to FEEL that you are loved, wanted, and chosen by your SP, in your imagination. All you need to do is practice this feeling in your imagination, over and over, until it feels real. It doesn’t matter what type of visual you use, and it’s not about repeating affirmations like a robot, it’s about FEELING it real.

All you need to do is go within and use your imagination to feel that you are who you want to be.

There is no power outside of you that could help you any better or any faster. There is no need to look into the 3D for strategies or advice. All you need to do is go inside and be who you want to be there. As you practice the feeling, you will be able to embody the state where your desire exists.

Once you are in the state of being who you want to be, you stop looking for proof, signs, or anything outside of yourself. You understand that your power is within. You are the power. There is no power outside of you.


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