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You Must Die to the Old Self to Live to the New

the old man must die

Have you died to the old man? Have you died to your old self, so you can give life to the new? And what does does it mean?

If you are new to the law, you may not understand what this even means, but if you’ve landed here, my guess is that you are interested in learning about the subjet.

So, this article, as well as this video and my podcast episode #76, are going to help you understand and digest this, so you can make this knowledge your own and not only manifest your desires, but transform your whole life.

Let the Old Man Go

Disengage yourself from the whole vast belief that you formerly entertained, and hold on in your imagination to the concept that you ARE the man that you want to be…   For you will RESSURECT and make alive the state that began only as a concept. If you remain faithful to the concept you will be led right into the fulfillment of that state. It is called, in the Bible, re-birth. – Neville Goddard

How engaged are you with your current self? How engaged are you with your current reality? How engaged are you with your current thoughts and the story you are telling to yourself?

If you are still very much engaged with them, you must disengage yourself from all those beliefs because they belong to your old self, and the old self has to die, so you can ressurect and make alive the NEW self.

You have to die to the old self and become the new self before you can see you reality change. This said, I see a lot of people who have not understood this basic truth, wondering why they can’t manifest their desire or transform their lives.

Your world, as it is right now, is the world that you have manifested for yourself based on the sum total of your beliefs and assumptions – your mental diet. In turn, this has created the man within, which is your old man.

The good news is that when you understand states and how to embody a state in imagination, you can let go of the old. Die to the old man, and be re-born to the new.

Don’t Try to “Fix” the Old

A very common mistake we can observe, even in the conscious manifesting community, it’s that a lot of people are “trying to fix” their problems. For example, they are trying to fix that relationship they’ve lost. But trying to fix your problem will keep you in the old state. And from that state, by law, you won’t be able to manifest your desire.

If you want to manifest a relationship, even with a specific person that you already know, you don’t want to manifest that same relationship, you want to manifest a brand new one, because if you did manifest the same relationship it would end in the same manner.

I observe this problem quite often when someone wanting to manifest an SP has not killed the old man and is manifesting their SP from the old self. When they succeed in manifesting their person, if they do, soon after, the same old scenario starts unfolding again. This is why you must die to the old before creating the new.

We all have had moments when we felt better here and there, so we were able to manifest our desire at that moment, but unless we completely kill the old self, that old self will come back again sooner or later, and we will lose what we have manifested.

Don’t try to manifest your desire FROM the old self. You need to leave the old man behind for good first. And then, FROM THAT NEW STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS, you can manifest your desire.

You Must Give Up What You are Now

I am not speaking about some little magical thing where you can wave a wand and your desire will suddenly appear. This law is based upon a principle. If you want something, you can have it, but YOU MUST BE WILLING TO GIVE UP WHAT YOU ARE NOW in order to be what you want to be. – Neville Goddard

Oftentimes, I hear people say, how come I can manifest everything easily but I can’t manifest that one big desire? This is because they are “trying” to manifest it from the old self, from the state where that desire doesn’t exist.

A very easy way to know if this is what you’re doing it’s by observing your thoughts. Are you thinking from the state of “manifesting your desire?” If your answer is yes, then you are thinking FROM the old man. If the new man already had their desire, they wouldn’t be thinking of manifesting such a desire. Right? You are not “manifesting” what you already have!

Neville said, “I say to everyone: you can be anything you want to be, but you cannot be double-minded. You are told, Let no one believe that – having looked into the mirror, turns away and forgets what he looks like – that he will receive anything from the Lord, for the double-minded man is unstable in all his ways.”  

In other words, don’t lie to yourself. If you were married to your specific person right now, would you be “manifesting” them? If you were wealthy right now, would you be wondering how you will pay the rent next month? If you were healthy right now, would you have any thoughts that belong to someone who is not healthy?

You have to leave behind all that is now your present concept of self, and fully embody the NEW you, regardless of the what your current reality says. And you do this FROM WITHIN.

Take your attention away from your old self, which means that you stop talking about it, thinking from it, and reacting from it. And most definitely, stop dwelling in the feeling of being that as well. ALL OF IT AS TO GO!

Start Doing This Everyday!

“Ye must be born again for except ye be born again ye cannot enter the kingdom of Heaven.”

That is; except you leave behind you your present conception of yourself and assume the nature of the new birth, you will continue to out-picture your present limitations. – Neville Goddard – The Power of Awareness

Meditate on the I AM statement, and become faceless and body-less. Practice this every day. As you do, take your attention away from your problem.

Your ego-self may “think” that he or she has a problem to “fix” but your God-Self KNOWS that he or she already IS what they want to be.

Sit down, close your eyes, and relax for 10 to 15 minutes a day, and dwell in that FEELING OF BEING. There is nothing and no one that can prevent you to FEEL and BE what you want to feel and who you want to be, right now, but yourself.

So, “go into your room” (your imagination) Matthew 6:6 and BE the NEW VERSION of yourself there. Not from your current problem, not from the old version of yourself, but be the new person/the new state that you want to be and who already has their desire.

Only by reminding yourself of this constantly and going within daily, will you be able to kill the old man for good and be re-born as the new you and, therefore, manifest any desire you might have.


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