Where Are Your Insecurities Coming From?


Do you know that you weren’t born with any of the insecurities that you have? Yes, that’s right. And the reason why it’s that all your insecurities were learned. Most of them started when you were a child, and others later in life. But the good news is that you can use the teaching of the law of assumption to remove all your insecurities fast. The reason I decided to write this blog article today it’s because I realized that the state of being insecure is still way too common even in the conscious manifestors’ community, so hopefully this article can help you.

No matter how deep your insecurities are, not only you can get rid of them, but it doesn’t have to be a process as some coaches who don’t know about the law want to make you believe. You can get rid of the old man for good and as fast as you want it to happen. You can turn your life around completely. Let’s see how.

Your Insecurities Come from Your State of Consciousness

Whatever the mind of man can conceive and feel as true, the subconscious can and must objectify. Your feelings create the pattern from which your world is fashioned, and a change of feeling is a change of pattern. – Neville Goddard

Your quality of life depends on your state of consciousness. Every single thought that you have, from the least important one to the most consequent one, comes from the content of your consciousness.

You cannot possibly experience anything outside of your state of consciousness. To take my own example, I was a victim for the better part of my life because it was part of my state of consciousness. It’s not something that I was born with, but it’s something that I learned at an early age, and the moment I accepted that state to be true for me, it remained active in my life for decades. There wasn’t any power outside of me that kept this in place because it was all me. As Neville said, we are the operant power, it doesn’t operate itself. No state of consciousness can exist unless we are feeding it.

Whatever it is that you are now aware of being which is not your preferred state must be disposed of, let go of, rejected… in order to no longer be active in your consciousness, and thus, in your life. But if you do not take the necessary steps to do so, it will remain for the whole duration of your life in this body.

Your State of Consciousness is Subconscious

Your subconscious mind, whose natural state is sleep, sees you as you believe yourself to be, and whether it be good, bad, or indifferent, the subconscious mind will faithfully embody your belief. – Neville Goddard – Feeling is the secret.

Your insecurities are imbedded beliefs, memories, and emotions in your subconscious mind. What you are today, or more precisely what you believe that are you, has been stored in your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is that big storage house where all your beliefs, experiences, and memories are stored from even before you were born at times. This is what has dictated your external experiences your whole life. However, no matter how deep those beliefs are imbedded in your subconscious mind, they can be changed, and they can be changed fast.

Some so-called subconscious mind experts have actually implanted in people the false belief that it it “hard” to remove a subconscious belief, but I and other known manifesting coaches in the manifesting community have been telling people that this is not true, because, we were able to removed some deeply entrenched subconscious beliefs of our own, that we had had our whole lives, in a very short time. As a conscious manifestor, all it takes it’s the desire to do so, and intend that it’s done.

That’s how I removed my limiting beliefs about relationships and money, among other things. Interestingly, when I used to believe that it was “difficult” it was. I didn’t realize that such an assumption was making it difficult for me to remove them. But once I learned about the law and started to understand that I was the Operant Power, all of a sudden it became much easier and faster. That limiting belief alone, was keeping my unwanted subconscious beliefs in place.

Manifest The NEW You

You have no one to change but yourself, and you have neither opponent nor helper in bringing about the change within yourself. – Neville Goddard – Feeling is the Secret

There is no one to change but self, and there is no one to blame or praise but self. If you feel insecure about life today, or about any particular area of your life, it’s a self-inflicted “curse.” It’s as if you had built your own prison, even thought most of those insecurities came from those who raised you and the society that you grew up in. Nonetheless, once we come to these teachings, we can no longer hide behind excuses. No matter how comfortable excuses may feel at times.

In some cases, we have been a victim for so long that it feels comfortable. Often times, it feels ‘home’ to be a victim, so, our subconscious mind is very attached to that victim state of ours, and doesn’t want to let it go. But if you have come to these teachings it’s because you wanted to ‘fix’ a problem, you wanted to understand something that had eluded you until now. If this is your case, then you’ve got to let go of your insecurities, because you have found the teaching that will change your life. Throw the old may away, and embody the new you where your insecurities no longer exist.

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