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Everyone is You Pushed Out is Part of the Law

everyone is you pushed out part of the law

I have already written an article on the subject of EIYPO (everyone is you pushed out) some 10 months ago when my blog was brand new, and I have to say that this is a very hot topic which struck a nerve for some. I even received a threatening message through my contact form on this site from someone who had read my article and who apparently was very upset about this EIYPO topic. Interestingly, this type of behavior in itself shows that this very topic was them pushed out. So, whether or not we like it or want to accept it, this is a fact. We are everyone pushed out, and the reason that we are, it’s because it’s part of spiritual law and what we like to call “free will” is just an illusion as Neville said. This, also, seems to trigger lots of people, but it’s only because they do not understand it.

So, in this article, let’s dig a bit more in this all fascinating subject of everyone is you pushed out, so you can understand it at a deeper level.

EIYPO is Part of the Law

The whole vast world is yourself pushed out. All that you behold, though it appears without it is within in your own wonderful human imagination of which this world of mortality is but a shadow – Neville Goddard

Interestingly, there are even some Neville Goddard’s students who are teaching the law who do not believe that we are everyone pushed out, and the reason why they don’t it’s that 1) they have forgotten this quote from Neville (above) or misunderstood it, and 2) they have failed to reverse-engineered their own life to see the evidence of that fact.

I am not going to repeat what I already said in my other article on this subject, so I encourage you to go read it once you’re done with this one if you haven’t read it yet, but in short, if the whole world is yourself pushed out, it’s because every single person that you meet in your world is YOURSELF pushed out. They are YOU pushed out. The main reason for this it’s that our consciousness is the ONLY reality, which means that we cannot manifest anything or anyone outside of our own consciousness. And even what seems to be other human beings which are separated from us, they are showing up in our world to play a role, and the role that they are going to play has to be in accordance with the content of our consciousness. Once you get that, the subject of EIYPO becomes clear and non-negotiable.

During my live Q & A on my paid Facebook group, yesterday, someone asked the question, “how does EIYPO work with other conscious manifesters? For example: if we were to meet in my reality, would you be an EIYPO version of Sylviane, while keeping your power in Your reality? How does all of this work between conscious manifesters?

My answer to this question was, yes, absolutely. No matter who that person is, conscious or unconscious manifestor, that person will be YOU pushed out. As an example, a few months ago, I had a client who I found out had a strong assumption that she was always disappointed and let down by people. Well, that assumption played out on me the first day I was supposed to call her for our coaching session. Even though I was aware that I had that client that morning, for some unexplainable reason, I had forgotten about her and didn’t call her for her session, which resulted in her being disappointed and let down, so she could send me an email to let me know about that. Thankfully, everything ended well, and that client even got another session with me later on feeling so much better about herself. But the point is that since like anyone else, I do not have free will, I had to play the role that she had me play in her reality, which was to disappoint her and make her feel let down. Thankfully she doesn’t feel this way anymore at all, so she won’t ever have anyone play that role ever again in her reality.

This example is an excellent demonstration of what EIYPO means. It is part of the law and none of us, whether we are the manifestor or the manifestee can escape this fact.

How People’s Behavior Toward You is a Reflection of You

As I said many times before, throughout my content on my videos, podcasts, and other articles, one of the best ways to learn about the law and to learn about ourselves in regards to the law is to reverse engineer our life. Once you go back to your own history you can see very clearly how you created your world and all the people in it. When I discovered the teaching of Neville Goddard and the law of assumption, I could see how my thoughts and assumptions about people had created the very behaviors that I feared and abhor from them, for the many years before I became aware of the law.

My poor concept of self along with my assumptions based on such a poor self-concept had been affecting all my relationships. Not just my romantic relationships, but my friendships, the people I worked with, my bosses, my neighbors… everyone. All the people that were part of my reality had no choice but to play the role that I had given them to play according to the content of my consciousness or awareness. Interestingly, when I started working seriously on my self-concept and self-love, all the people that I was meeting started to react very differently toward me. Just as it was true with my old self, it is true, now, with my new self. People in my reality are just playing the role that my conception of self is giving them to play. The rules have not changed, but “I” have changed.

So, keep this in mind at all times. Any time that someone is acting in a way that is not your preference, ask yourself the question, what is it in me that has manifested such behavior? That person who is acting a certain way towards you is just a reflection of your concept of self, and they have to choice but to play the role you have given them.

Once you change YOU from within by telling yourself a new story, the behaviors of other people around you will reflect that. I can’t count how many people have told me how changing their story and their self-concept have completely changed their lives and the behavior of others in their world. If you do this, you too will be experiencing an amazing shift in your reality.


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