Consciousness is the Only Reality

Consciousness is the only reality

Consciousness is the only reality. – Neville Goddard

Probably the number one reason why Neville Goddard is above and beyond any other new-thought type teachers it’s because he’s the only one who taught that Consciousness is the only reality. But what does it mean, exactly? I get a lot of questions about consciousness on a weekly basis. So in this article, I am going to do my best to help you understand better what consciousness is and how come it is our only reality. As always, I am going to use Neville’s own words in order to do so.

Consciousness is Your Only Reality, What Does it Mean?

Remain faithful to the knowledge that your consciousness, your IAMness, your Awareness of being aware of the only reality. It is the rock on which all phenomena can be explained. There is no explanation outside of that. I know of no clear conception of phenomena save that consciousness is all and all is consciousness. If there is darkness in my world, I created the darkness. If there is light and joy, I created the light and the joy. There is no one but this IAMness that does all. You cannot find a cause outside of your own consciousness. Your world is a grand mirror constantly telling you who you are. These are not my words, they are the inspired words of men who discovered that consciousness is the only reality. – Neville Goddard

If you are new to Neville Goddard’s teaching, you may be questioning this consciousness is your reality thing. I know that I get a lot of questions coming my way on this subject. So, that’s why I thought that an article on the subject was really apropos.

Your consciousnesses, you, as a person, your IAMness, your presence, and your perception is not limited to your person, but it is connected to all things. While you appear to be separated from other people and things that exist “outside of you” those people and things are part of you. Without your consciousness, they wouldn’t be there.

If you are somewhat of a doubtful mind that has a hard time to wrap this around your head, think about quantum physic. Quantum physic says that inside atoms, at the subatomic level there exist something called “waves of probabilities” that once observed they collapse into quantum particles. In short, quantum physic proved that what appears to be solid and matter of fact is actually not. Only what is observed seems to take form, yet that form is relative to that observation.

Now, interestingly, when we compare this quantum physic knowledge it matches perfectly what Neville taught about consciousness being the only reality. What you are conscious of expands. What you are conscious of, exists for you. What you are conscious of, becomes your reality.

For example, if you choose to be conscious of the fact that people are mean, you will create plenty of situations where people will be mean to you. But if you choose to be conscious of the fact that people are good, you will create plenty of situations where people will be good to you. Just listen to what people are talking about, just pay attention to what they are focusing on, and you will see it clear as day.

There is no such thing as a judging God outside of your consciousness that is waiting to punish or reward you, but you are going to punished or rewarded by your own choice of thoughts. By what you choose to focus on. By what you are conscious of. Once you truly understand this truth, your life will change, and you will never go back.

You Are Not Confined to Your Body

God and man are one… if God and man are one, then God can never be so far off as even to be near, for nearness implies separation. The question arises, what is God? God is man’s consciousness, his awareness, his IAMness.

As God of your reality, you are not confined to your body, because you are NOT your body, you are consciousness. You are Awareness. The best way to understand this concept it’s that not only you are aware of your body but you are aware of your thoughts. You are aware of the body and the thoughts that you have. Who is aware of that? It’s your consciousness. It’s your Awareness. It’s your God-Self.

If you where just a body, never could you be aware of that body. If you were just a body with a mind that is able to think, never could you be aware of the thoughts as if you were outside of your own mind and thoughts. Yet, we, as humans are able to go above the body, above the thoughts, and above the mind. We are able to observe them. We are able to do this because we are the consciousness that encompasses all of that.

You can choose to discipline the body and the mind by consciously focusing on what you want to give life to. What you want to manifest in your third-dimensional world. But even what you want to experience on a more spiritual level such as having an out-of-body experience, for example. Neville and many other spiritual teachers of his day and of today have had such experiences. It is not as uncommon as you may think. If you choose those experiences to be part of YOUR awareness and consciousness, you too can experience them. In such a case, you will know for a fact, that you are not your body and you are not your thoughts.

There is Only the Present Moment

Man is such a slave to time that, if after he has appropriated a state of consciousness which is not now seen by the world and it, the appropriated state, does not immediately embody itself, he loses faith in his unseen claim; forthwith he drops it and returns to his former static state of being. -Neville Goddard

Consciousness exists only in the now. There is no past, present, and future as our logical mind perceives time. Time, life, is only made of now. Time could be compared to a flipbook. As you turn the pages quickly you get the illusion of a story and a timeline, but if you stopped turning the pages, you’ll see each image one by one stopped in time. Only when you flip the pages do you have the illusion of a before and an after. But in truth, all pages are now at the same time.

It’s the same thing with life. While we have the illusion of a past, a present, and a future, everything exists in the now. This is why creation is finished, and there is not a thing that you could desire that doesn’t already exist. When you want to manifest anything, any situation, or anyone in your life, all you have to do is to consciously choose to be in the state of that person having that which you desire. If you don’t have your desire right now, it can only mean one thing, you have not yet embodied the state of such desire. The moment that you do, your desire will harden into fact.

However, this said, it is not because you are not seeing your desire this moment yet, that it isn’t becoming. It will in its own due season. But if you lose faith just because your desire has not hardened into fact in front of your 3D eyes yet, you will return to your former state, as Neville said in the quote above. That former state (consciousness) where that desire is not.

So, don’t let yourself be fooled by what you can or cannot see this hot moment, because you know it’s already here, it’s already finished, it already exists, and you will see it at the proper time.

Consciousness is the ONLY reality, so be conscious of what you desire, and live in the state matching such desire. Then, by law, it will manifest in your life.


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