Why You Need to Know Who You Truly Are

who you truly are

Stop trying to change the world since it is only the mirror. Mans’ attempt to change the world by force is as fruitless as breaking a mirror in the hope of changing his face. Leave the world alone and change your conception of self. – Neville Goddard

Do you know who you truly are? Do your really get what the quote above is trying to tell you? Are you still getting made at the mirror?

Needless to say that most of you came to the teaching of Neville Goddard (the law of assumption) because you had suffered a loss. More often than not, that loss being a specific person (a romantic partner) who has left you. You were so distraught by that loss that you started searching for answers on the internet which eventually led you to the teaching of Neville Goddard where you learned that you are everyone pushed out. This was a brand new concept to you, but it resonated with you because you could finally understand what had happened, and it answered the questions that you couldn’t answer before.

However, while finding this teaching has helped many of you who quickly understood that they had to dig out and study the law in order to understand it more fully, some of you haven’t done that yet. And because you haven’t done that you have not changed your self-concept. You are still looking at the mirror and getting mad at the mirror. But the truth of the matter is that if you are not willing to dig deeper and learn about who you truly are, even finding the most valuable teaching that you’ve ever stumbled upon, won’t change your life.

You can run into the most marvelous truth this world has to offer, but if you do not apply what you are learning, it won’t do a thing for you.

I have run into people who have done just that. They’ve stumbled upon Neville Goddard’s teaching community because they have a deep desire that they want to manifest, such as a specific person in the majority of cases, while not exclusively, but they are not willing to put in the work to learn more and truly test and apply the law. So, their knowledge hasn’t improved at all. On the contrary, they’ve just managed to stay afloat finding it as hard as when they started, and at times getting even more desperate.

If this is you, it’s because while you have landed in the Neville Goddard’s teaching community, you still don’t really know what the law of assumption is all about and who you truly are.

You Can’t Serve Two Masters

You cannot serve two masters or opposing states of consciousness at the same time. – Neville Goddard

I speak to a lot of people on a daily basis. And when people reach out to me they are in a more or less “desperate” state to get their desire. But what surprises me the most it’s that some of them are still “serving two masters,” and as long as this is the case, getting what they came here for is going to be challenging to say the least. The price to pay to be in the position to manifest your desire on command is to buy the pearl of great price. And if you don’t know what it means, yet, be sure to read my article highlighted above.

You can’t be both feeling like a victim and believing that you are God of your reality. You can’t be both crying for help and be a master manifestor. You can’t both feel that you will never get your desire and be the ONLY one that can give yourself such desire. Yet, I deal with people feeling this way every single day.

How are you going to act as the God of your reality and manifest your desire as a true master manifestor if you still believe that there is a God outside of you that may or may not grant you your desire? If this is where you stand right now, then you are serving two masters. There is a conflict inside you. Maybe a part of you wants to believe that you are responsible for your circumstances, yet again another part of you is praying to some God to grant you your wish. This alone will prevent you to manifest your desire at the base because you have two opposite beliefs and feelings about yourself and about the world, that are splitting you up.

Maybe ask yourself the question, why is hard for me to accept that I am God of my reality, and that I am all there is? If you can answer such questions, you will be able to see more clearly what is stopping you.

You Didn’t Come Here to Get Your SP

Let’s be frank here, some of you are so entangled in the neediness for that specific person of yours, that you are completely overlooking how truly fortunate you are to have landed here, where you can finally wake up to the learning and the experience of knowing who you truly are.

You didn’t get here to get your SP back, no matter how hard you think that’s the reason why. I promise you that you weren’t born to try to grab onto another human being. You were born to have a human experience and discover who you truly are through that human experience. That SP search was just the excuse, the bridge of incident, to get you here. To get you to know WHO YOU TRULY ARE.

As difficult has it may sound for some of you reading this, your life is not supposed to revolve around another human being. Your life is first and foremost about YOU and who you truly are. Because once you get the courage to detach from all needs and neediness, and truly understand this concept, you will be able to be and have anything and anyone you want in your life. You will be able to do this so effortlessly, that you are going to wonder why you resisted and prevented this from happening sooner.

Stop Being Your Worst Enemy

You have nothing to do but convince yourself of the truth of that which you desire to see manifested. – Neville Goddard

I see many of you resisting the very thing that would free you instantly, and that thing is to surrender. Surrender to who you truly are and surrender to your desire as if it was already yours because it is. There is no competition, there is no 3rd party, there is no free will, there are nothing and no one against you. There is just YOU because you are God of your reality. The moment that you are going to realize this truth, you are going to be free.

You are going to be free from all human limitations. You are not going to feel that you have to do this or that, or that you need anyone, or that there is anything that you can’t do. You are going to know once and for all that your desire is yours because you wouldn’t have the desire in the first place if it wasn’t the case. Your fears, anxiety, neediness, and all such negative feelings will eventually go away.

This is the message that I’m trying to pass along to you through this blog, my YouTube channel, My Facebook Group, my Instagram and FB Page posts, and my one on one coaching of course. But for some reason, while it is so easily understood and accepted by some it is more difficult for others. But the only reason that it is it’s because you have not fully accepted who you truly are yet.

So, with this article, I want to encourage you to do your homework. Learn more about spiritual law and put it to the test. Once you do those two simple things, you will start experiencing what it means to be a master manifestor and the God of your reality. Your life will transform forever because you will be transformed from the inside out.


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