Why Your External World Hasn’t Caught up Yet?

I’ve worked on my self-concept, I’ve worked on my imagination, and I’ve affirmed…, so why hasn’t my external world caught up yet? Many people are asking this question all over the manifesting community.

Why is it that even though it seems that you’re doing the work, your external world (3D world), doesn’t reflect that yet? what are you missing?

Well, in this article, we’ll be discussing the reasons why you are under that impression, and what needs to change in your awareness for you to experience your desires in your external world.

The Shift has to Happen Within First

Men believe in the reality of the external world because they do not know how to focus and condense their powers to penetrate its thin crust. Strangely enough, it is not difficult to penetrate this view of the senses. To remove the veil of the senses, we do not employ great effort; the objective world vanishes as we turn our attention from it. – Neville Goddard

The truth is that it’s not because we are doing the “work” that we have truly shifted in consciousness yet. That’s the case for many people who are still relatively new to this teaching, or who have not fully understood how the law works. Truthfully, for most people, there is a learning curve before we get that aha moment, that shift in consciousness. And that learning curve is different for each individual.

I speak to a lot of people who have discovered this law within the past couple of years, and I see how each of those people is progressing differently. I’ve seen people getting a huge shift in just a few weeks, and others not so much. But this is not a race, each individual will grow at their own rhythm. It’s a journey, it’s your journey, and you are growing at your own rhythm, because no matter what I may teach you, no matter what other coaches and teachers may teach you, no matter how much you’ve read from Neville and other mystic teachers, you will absorb that information based on YOUR level of consciousness/awareness at this time. That inner level of understanding, no one can change it for you, only you can.

This said, because creation is finished, all you’ll ever have to understand already exists, you just have to align yourself with it. And that process is called our journey to awakening.

I am writing those lines based on my experience for having helped many people with understanding the law thus far, and I am well aware, that no matter what I teach and how I teach it, its the person on the other end of that teaching that will use that information according to their own level of consciousness. This is why not two people progress at the same speed and to the same level at the same time.

This is why, while the law is one law and is the same for everyone, not every single person will understand and apply the law the same way. This said, the law itself does apply the same way to everyone, and your results will depend on what you are from within. You need to turn your attention from within, and depending on how you turn your attention from within, it will reflect in your external world.

The Issue Behind Manifesting an SP

One of the admins of my Facebook group has recently manifested her SP after two years. She wrote several posts about her journey along with doing live videos that were very helpful to the members. So by the way, if you are manifesting an SP, you should check that out if you can. In one of her videos, she said that she realized that when you want a specific person, an ex, it’s not that person that you want. Think about it, how in the world would you want someone who dumped you and treated you as if you’d never existed? Is that what you want? Of course not. What you want is a new person. In other words, you want a new version of that person, because trust me, you don’t that person who left you in the cold.

When you manifest that person back into your life it will be a new person. It has to be because as long as they are still the person who abandoned you, they won’t come back, or you wouldn’t want them back. The person that comes back should be different (a better version) than the person who left you.

This is why, as another person in the group mentioned in a post, you need to stop putting your awareness on the breakup, that breakup has to be totally done and over with. Instead, you need to put your awareness on your desired result, on your desired state. You need to live in the end of your NEW story with that person. That’s the only way you are going to manifest the new version of your SP. You may not be aware of this, yet, but as long as your play the old story in your mind, over and over, you are maintaining the old version of them, the version that dumped you. Thus, how could you manifest them back?

Another thing you need to start doing is to stop using the term “manifesting my SP” because this expression alone implies that you don’t have them at the moment.

If your external world hasn’t changed, yet, when it comes to manifesting your SP back, beware of the above-mentioned.

The same goes for any of your desires. If your focus is on the lack of such a desire, since you are not separated from it, you, by default, will manifest the lack of such desire. By focusing on lack you are creating such a lack. As the operant power, you are creating, by default, what you are focusing on, what your attention moved towards, whether you are doing it on purpose or not.

Stop Putting Your Desire on a Pedestal

A change of consciousness is necessary before you can change your outer world… You must want to be different, and intend to be, before you can begin to change yourself. Then you must make your future dream a present fact. – Neville Goddard

Yesterday, during my weekly live on my membership Facebook group, I helped the members realize that what they desire so much is actually, nothing. Frankly, truthfully, what you want is not a big deal at all. How do we know that? Because they are millions of people who have, now, what you desire so much, but they totally take it for granted. They don’t make a big deal out of it.

What do people want? Well, we all want pretty much the same thing, don’t we? We want to be happy and be healthy, first of all. And then, we want a relationship and money. What’s the big deal about that? What’s the big deal about relationships? What’s the big deal about money? The only big deal is the one that you are making it a big deal. They are tons of people, right now, who have a relationship and money who are not happy.

Why is that the case? Because none of those things CAN make you happy on their own. But more importantly, those desires are not bigger than you, that’s why they cannot possibly MAKE you this or that. You, on the other hand, are the power behind those things that you desire. By simply shifting into the state where your desire exists, your desire has to confront you in your external world. But your external world is not the cause, YOU are the cause, your internal world is the cause. That’s why Neville said that a change of consciousness is necessary before you can change your outer world.

Your desires are really casual little basic things that many people have had and will have in this lifetime, and they should not be put on a pedestal. They are just states that you want to experience, they are just second causes. The cause/operant power behind them it’s you.

The more you dig into the law and go within, the better you will understand all of this. By the way, as I’m writing this, I just started a workshop titled Understanding the Law of Assumption 101 in my membership FB group. During the whole month of February, we are going to dig deeper into this amazing law to help you understand it better and rise in consciousness.

When you rise in consciousness, whatever desire you may have will manifest in your external world much more easily and effortlessly, because your desires are as close to you as your breath.


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