You Are The Operant Power

you are the operant power

You must dare to assume you are what you want to be, remain faithful to that assumption and it will come to pass. If you are not faithful, it will not come to pass. You don’t assume it, it will never come to pass, for you are the operant power. – Neville Goddard

I am sure that many of you reading this are familiar with this quote from Neville, but how many of you have fully understood and embodied it’s meaning?

To be honest, I have asked myself that question many times before, and still do, even though I can say that I fully believe that I am the operant power if I were to compare myself to just 3 to 5 years ago. However, that doesn’t mean that I have arrived at my final destination, as it were, because this is a journey and we keep on learning no matter how much we feel that we have progressed. We are all a work in progress.

In this article, I want to help those who are still struggling to believe that they are the operant power with the help of Neville Goddard’s teaching and my own understanding of this.

What Does it Mean to Be the Operant Power?

God is in your wonderful human imagination. – Neville Goddard

What does it mean exactly, to be the operant power? Neville said in his lectures and books time and time again that God is in our wonderful human imagination and that as long as we can imagine something it is ours. He didn’t say that as a metaphor, he meant it to be taken literally. He also said that creation is finished, so no matter what we imagine, it already exists, all we have to do is ask for it and accept it as done.

You will never desire something that is impossible for you to attain or have unless you decide that it is because you are the operant power. Whatever you desire right now you can be and have. All you have to do is to dwell on your desire, not the lack of it.

By awakening your imagination you are awakening the power within. The only thing you have to do is to consciously imagine. I say, consciously imagine, because imagination never stops. We constantly imagine 24/7. When you don’t consciously imagine, you imagine unconsciously and passively, and by doing so you manifest more of the same and more of the unwanted. This is the reason why people who are not aware of this truth manifest more of what they don’t want than what they do want.

If you were to drive a boat but instead of using the rudder to direct the boat where you want to go, you let the rudder loose to its own device, you would end up deep in the ocean waters completely lost and away from your destination. That’s exactly how most people are living their lives. Because they have no clue that God lives in their imagination and that all they have to do is to consciously use their imagination to go exactly where they want to go, they are completely lost in the ocean of life. They are miles away from their desired destination and many have even lost hope to ever find their way.

Once you are awake and aware that you are God, you know that you don’t have to be lost ever again. You’ve got that rudder under control and your boat is going to go to your desired destination. Being the operant power is knowing how to use your imagination.

Your Imagination is the Key to Freedom

Your imagination is YOU yourself, and the world as your imagination sees it is the real world. An awakened imagination works with a purpose. It creates and conserves the desirable, and transforms or destroys the undesirable. – Neville Goddard

Your 3D world depends on your imagination. Whether you’ve known and practiced the law of assumption for a while or are just new at this, look at your life right now, and you will have a pretty good idea of what your imagination is like. Whether your imagination has been conditioned by your culture, your religion, your social status, your parents, and everything else, or you have become a full-blown conscious manifestor knowing who you truly are; your imagination is shaping your life right now. What exists in your 3D world right now existed first in your imagination.

Sometimes, new Neville Goddard’s students tend to believe that their imagination is running only when they go into SATS (state akin to sleep) or when they consciously decide to visualize, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. You imagine all the time. Your imagination is running all the time. You imagine even when you sleep in the form of dreams. That’s why you need to become aware of this and be on top of your imagination, so to speak, at all times.

While doing this, however, you need to remember that whatever you choose to imagine already exists. You do not create it as if you had to build a house that is not built yet. As long as you chose an end result using your imagination, whether it’s wealth, abundance, love, and health, or poverty, lack, hate, and disease, all of it already exists and will be manifesting in your world according to your imagination. Only by choosing, you either transform or destroy, as Neville says.

Learn to Control Your Imagination

Learning to control your imagination is learning to control your life. And your imagination is controlled by your mental diet (what’s going on in your mind). In turn, your mental diet is made of your daily thoughts.

In my Facebook group, I often get the question, how do I stop thinking negative thoughts? There’s only one way to stop the negative thoughts that are running wild in your head, it’s by filling your mind with positive chosen thoughts. By controlling your mental diet. Just like there is only one way to consume a healthy food diet which is by choosing the food that you put in your mouth, the way you control your mental diet is by controlling what you are thinking about. What you think about makes up what you imagine.

If you are in the habit to be dominated by negative thoughts, you need to replace those thoughts with other thoughts. And how do we do this? By using affirmations. Affirm your new thoughts, affirm your new choices, affirm your new states. Even if you don’t believe your new affirmations at first, and most people don’t, constant repetition will take care of that in time. Once you’ve repeated something long enough you are bound to believe it. It’s like brainwashing yourself but in a positive way.

Affirming plus imagining/visualizing equal manifesting. And the more you work on your new chosen affirmations, the easier it will be to imagine and visualize your desires.

Adopting and embodying a new mental diet and using your imagination with a purpose requires practice. But like anything else in life, practice makes perfect. Don’t give up just after a few days or even a few weeks. It took you years, maybe decades, to be where you are now, it’s only natural if it takes a bit of time to change your way of thinking. Give yourself some time but don’t give up. When things may feel that they are going the opposite way, then it’s time to push forward even more.

And since you are the operant power, if you are losing patience, you can intend that you are progressing rapidly. As the God of your reality, your intentions are powerful. I know that I’ve adopted that intention myself and it really works fantastically well for me. Whatever I start learning I intend that I’ll understand what I need to understand fast, and frankly, I can’t even remember when was the last time I couldn’t learn something fast.

You are the operant power. You are God of your reality. God is your wonderful human imagination. You can be, do, and have anything that you want, because as soon as you desire it, it is yours. All you need to do is simply accept this simple truth and it is done. Creation is finished.


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