Why It’s Easy to Manifest a Specific Person

manifest a specific person

It is no harder to manifest a specific person than it is to manifest a job, a car, money, or anything else. If your experience shows you that it is, it’s because you’ve accepted this assumption as true to you. You are God of your reality. You are the Operant Power. Thus, if you assume something to be true, it will be. – Sylviane Nuccio

If you happen to follow me on Instagram or my manifesting Facebook Page or private group, you might have seen this quote of mine. I was inspired to write it because it makes me sad that so many people in the manifesting community still think that it’s harder to manifest a person than it is anything else. Some of you have even personally asked me, why is it easy to manifest anything else but so hard to manifest a specific person? If you truly believe this, then this article is for you.

Manifesting is Easy and Natural

The whole while world is yourself pushed out – Neville Goddard

Every time that you are making a rule for yourself, it becomes your assumption, and once you assume something it will manifest on autopilot. So, when you’re saying that it is easy to manifest anything but a specific person, that quickly becomes your assumption, and that assumption will harden in fact, as Neville used to say.

The reason your life is the way it is right now, no matter how it is, it’s because you have assumed that it is. Change that assumption of yours, and your life will change. And the reason I can write this is that I am living proof of that. My life now and my life a decade ago is so different that it feels that it was another person. The only thing is that, as far as I know, it was me. It’s just that I changed 95% of my assumptions. And the only 5% I didn’t change it’s because they were assumptions that served me well.

It is no harder to manifest a specific person than it is to manifest anything else because it is ALL a dream. The shadow world and everything in it exists only in your consciousness, and that includes other people. Yourself and other people are not separated from the rest of creation.

The only reason why so many of you believe that it’s hard to manifest a specific person, it’s because of the attachment that you have to that specific person and the story that you are carrying along which is often time a story of abandonment, rejection, disrespect, and the feeling that love has left you with your SP. When you add all these up together you get that unshakable strong assumption that makes it difficult to manifest that specific person into your life, or should I say, back into your life as it is the case for most of you reading this.

But let’s go back to the basics to understand why manifesting a specific person is exactly the same as manifesting anything else that exists under the sun.

Everything is Made Up of the Same Energy

Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want, and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. – Albert Einstein

Even if you were not aware of the fact that you are God and a master manifestor, you might be interested to know that quantum physics and science back up the fact that everything that was created is made up of the same energy. All things are made of atoms. In turn, all atoms are made of the same three basic particles – protons, neutrons, and electrons.

About 99 percent of our body is made up of atoms of hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen which are found in pretty much all matter that exists in our universe. So, even on a scientific level, there is no difference between a human being and all that surrounds it.

Everything is energy, and everything is connected to everything else. The water in the ocean and the clouds in the sky. The trees and the animals. You, me, and the world around us. We, as humans, are not separated from anything else. We are all one. All is one. Everything comes from the same source. Everything is one.

But besides physical bodies that we can see and touch such as a tree, the ocean, an animal or a human being, thoughts and feelings are energy as well, so everything we think and feel has an influence on everything and everyone else on this planet. In this way, we create our own reality, because mind rules over matter.

So, even speaking from a scientific point, it only backs up spiritual law. We are all one. Everything is linked to everything else.

You Already Are What You Want

Not only you can have your desires, but you already ARE everything you want. The illusion of separation, although it can be strong, it’s just an illusion.

Sometimes I have epiphanies when I’m under the shower, which is for some reason a common shower effect for a lot of people. A few days ago, as I was under the shower, I had one such epiphany, even though I know this for a while now, but I felt that I was having a true understanding/feeling that I already AM everything that I want to have and experience, even the things that I don’t even desire yet. It’s something pretty hard to explain with words, it’s just something that you feel.

Our logical mind loves to make us believe that everything is separated. And the way society is built is also pushing this big lie in every single facet of it. However, spiritual law says differently. Once you know who you truly are, and if you are practicing meditation (going within) on a regular basis, you know that nothing is separated from you and that YOU and everything around you are one.

You are NOT separated from your SP, because if you were, you would have never met them in the first place. The reason you met them, or are aware of them, it’s because they are part of your consciousness. Once you know who you truly are and understand that you are not separated from any of your desire, including your specific person, you stop pushing, forcing, trying, and lacking. You know that your SP is just a reflection of you. You know that your SP is yours.

No matter what you’ve manifested yesterday which is showing up in your 3D world today, you know that your desire is yours. You know that your SP is yours because your SP is YOU since he/she is part of YOUR consciousness.

Your SP Doesn’t Have Free Will

The actions of man are determined by his subconscious impressions. His illusion of free will, his belief in freedom of action, is but ignorance of the causes which make him act… You never suggest to another the state which you desire to see him express; instead, you convince yourself that he is already that which you desire him to be.” – Neville Goddard

If you have any doubt that you can manifest your SP because you believe that they have a mind of their own and that they can think for themselves, I want you to write down Neville’s quote above and place it all over your house, and read it several times a day, until it sinks in.

Your SP, and anyone else in your reality, for that matter, don’t have free will. None of us have free will. If you don’t believe this right now, test it on yourself. Make an intention to see, hear, or get something, and you’ll realize that in order to get your desire, your mind and body are going to have to move in one direction or another. But, because you are under the illusion that you have free will, you will think that such movement comes from your own “free will” when it really doesn’t.

You have given your free will away the moment you intended or decided on something. And since we are not separated from anything or anyone, our intentions don’t move only our body, but objects, situations, and other bodies as well. So, when you assume and believe that your SP who lives in another town or across the world, is married to you, they will be moved to act according to your assumption. But while doing so, they will have the feeling that it comes from them because when people are moved in order for you to get your desire everything seems natural. It all flows so easily and effortlessly.

So stop giving free will to your SP if your goal is to be in a romantic relationship with them, because the only free will that they have is the one you give them. And, please, take this literally. If you assume that they have free will to reject you, then they will. If you assume that they will meet someone else, then they will. If you assume that they don’t love you anymore then they won’t.

So, don’t be your worst enemy, and start assuming that your SP thinks and does what you want them to think and do. Your SP can’t think of anyone or anything else but you. They love you, they want you, they are meant for you. If you assume that, then that’s what is going to be.

As soon as you have a desire it is yours. This includes a specific person.


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