How to Deal With Your 3D World

“In your own bosom you bear your heaven and earth, And all you behold, though it appears without, It is within, in your imagination, Of which this world of mortality is but a shadow.” – William Blake

William Blake was a poet that Neville Goddard liked to quote in his writings because William Blake had most definitely understood spiritual law. Quotes like the one above and many others are testimonies to the fact that he too understood what the 3D world was all about. Neville Goddard wasn’t the only person who understood the law, and he never said he was, that’s what I love about Neville.

As a matter of fact, when Neville was speaking of Abdullah he was honest in saying that Abdullah was bolder than him about this 3D world. When Neville asked Abdullah how come he could eat and drink the way he was without it affecting him in a bad way, Abdullah replied to him, “Oh, you couldn’t do that because you have quibbles.” So, Abdullah was saying that the reason he could do this while Neville couldn’t was that Neville had some limiting beliefs about food and drinks that he didn’t have.

When Neville was telling this story, Abdullah wasn’t around anymore, yet he said the truth about himself. Because he really wanted his audience to know that the ONLY thing that was stopping them was their beliefs. The degree that 3D and all its so-called rules are going to affect you is proportionate to the degree that you believe them.

Something that I found myself repeating more and more lately to people who ask me questions on a daily basis, it’s that once you get to the teaching of the law of assumption you’ve got to forget about everything you’ve known prior. As a matter of fact, the faster you can do this, the easier it will be for you to manifest your desires. Any desire.

The 3D world, or shadow world, as Neville used to refer to it like his favorite writer William Blake, is really not what we were brainwashed to believe that it is. It is not as hard and as concrete, as you think it is. It is not as “real” as you think it is, and it is not the cause of anything, but the effect of man’s imagination.

Today’s 3D world is yesterday’s imagination. It has no power of of its own, because it’s just a reflection. It’s just the result of your imagination. You should no more get mad at the 3D world than you would at your reflection in the mirror. Don’t get mad at the mirror, change what’s in front of it. Don’t get mad a your 3D experience, change it in your imagination.

Why You Should Not React to 3D

Signs follow, they do not precede. – Neville Goddard

I think that once you get what Neville said here, I mean really get it, you’ll have no reason left to be upset or react to 3D as if it was something outside of you or something that you cannot help. Or even that litteral “signs” mean anything that you haven’t created yourself. Whether you’re experiencing something good, or something bad, whether you’re getting excited because you see some type of “signs” that your desire is coming, you’ve created them all, because signs follow what you have imagined, they do not precede them.

For life makes no mistakes, it always gives man that which he gave himself first. – Neville Goddard

Your life until now has been the result of your beliefs, your imagination, and your assumptions, whether they were conscious or subconscious. The reason why some people are high achievers while others are low achievers is not because of their talents or abilities (many talented and able people are not high achievers), it’s because of their assumptions. The reason why you may be able to manifest fast in one area of your life and having a hard time in another it’s because you have different assumptions and beliefs in those different areas of your life.

We often hear people say, in the manifesting community, I can manifest anything I want pretty fast, but I can’t manifest my SP.  The only reason why this is the case for you it’s that your assumptions and beliefs about being with your SP are not as strong as the assumptions and beliefs that you have about manifesting other things.

And the reason I KNOW that it’s not harder to manifest an SP than any other things it’s because in my case, it was much easier to manifest my SP than other things that I had been after for a much longer time. Why? Simply because my assumption about my man was stronger than my assumptions about other things that I wanted. That’s it. There no other reason. Change your assumption about things, and things will follow because it’s not the 3D world that holds assumptions into place, it’s YOU. Because YOU are the operant power.

What You Believe to Be True Manifests in Your 3D World

What you believe about 3D is affecting you right now. When you’re saying, I have a hard time believing that I am everyone pushed out and that I can affect people’s’ thoughts, well this belief of yours is going to play out in your 3D world.

The reason why Abdullah was able to eat and drink like there was no tomorrow and Neville couldn’t, it was because Neville’s beliefs about food and drinks were more limited than then Abdhullah’s beliefs about food and drinks.

Recently, in my group, someone was saying that she still cannot believe that people don’t have a mind of their own and that she can influence their thoughts and behaviors. Since this is true for her, indeed, for the time being, she is not able to experience that, because her 3D reality MUST reflect her beliefs and assumptions. It’s the law. You are God of YOUR reality and you can choose (consciously or subconsciously) what your own limits are. The subconscious mind is totally impartial as Neville said, whatever you want to accept as true will be true to you.

Another assumption that sticks very strongly in the lives of people is the story that they have told themselves. What is the story that you have told yourself? What is your money story? What is your relationship story? What is your health story? Whatever story you’ve told yourself in each area of your life is the story that will play out in your 3D world until you change that story.

The easiest way to go about this is to remind yourself that the ONLY reason that story is the way it is it’s because YOU’ve kept it this way in your imagination. That story has no meaning of its own, you are the one who gave it meaning. Take the meaning you’ve given it away, and the story will disappear or change.

The Difference Between 4D and 3D

The biggest mistake that people make, even in the manifesting community, it’s to believe that 3D is the real thing while 4D isn’t. But this is just an assumption, it is not the truth. It’s just that 4D is one dimension while 3D is another. However, 4D is as real as 3D. Let’s see why.

When people have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), for example, could that disorder even exist if 4D wasn’t real? Have you ever asked yourself the questions? Here is the definition of PTSD, “intense, disturbing thoughts and feelings related to their experience that lasts long after the traumatic event has ended.” Do you see how PTSD is a 4D disorder? It is a 4D disorder because it happens where? In the thoughts, in the imagination of the patient. While the 3D event has ended a long time ago, the 4D emotional problem persists.

Now, if you said to a PTSD patient that their disorder doesn’t exist, what do you think they’d answer to you? I guess you the answer. The reason PTSD and other mental/emotional disorders are so REAL, it’s because 4D is REAL too. 4D experiences, while existing in the mind are as real, as scary, as pleasurable, as emotional …etc, as the ones experienced in 3D.

So give yourself a favor, and stop assuming that 3D is real while that 4D is not. 4D is as real as 3D. The only difference is that it’s much more powerful and has the power to influence 3D whether or not you are a conscious manifestor. 4D is the cause, while 3D is the effect.

Use 4D and 3D to Your Advantage

An awaken imagination works with a purpose. It creates and conserves the desirable, and transforms or destroys the undesirable. – Neville Goddard

The world of 4D is a gift that was given to us, and whether or not you know how to take advantage of this gift, it is there for the taking. You can imagine everything and anything you want, and you can fully feel it using all your five senses. You can make it as real as you could ever make anything real in 3D. Why not using this incredible gift to manifest your desire?

The more you can imagine with tones or reality the more it will harden into fact. Once you have imagined something long enough it will show up in your 3D world, because it’s law. In turn, when it does, it will reinforce your beliefs and faith in the process. Once you have gone full cycle between the 4D imaginal world and 3D hard world, your faith about being the God of your reality will be unshakable, and you will be unstoppable.


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