What Does it Mean to Be God?

what does  it mean to be God

A couple of months or so ago, I posted the image that you can see above with this quote in my Facebook group. Interestingly, a young guy in the group got offended by my quote because he felt it was blasphemy to think of oneself as God. And, yes, there are still people who feel this way even in the Neville Goddard/manifesting community. That’s why this article is needed, I feel.

The reason why so many people still feel this way even in such a community is that they were brainwashed into believing in a God outside of them. Yet, as Neville Goddard said many times talking about such people, they call themselves believers, Christians, etc. but they don’t understand what faith really is.

But why did I write this quote in the first place, anyway? And most importantly, why did Neville Goddard promoted the fact that WE ARE God? Did he make that up? No, he didn’t.

Be still and know that I AM God – Psalms 46:10.

Neville was referring to his favorite textbook, namely the Bible. In the Bible I AM is not a God outside of you, but the God within you. So, I wasn’t making anything up, after all, was I? That person who got offended at my quote probably brushed off the fact that this a fundamental teaching of the Neville Goddard’s community.

In any case, I’m not blaming him or anyone who would feel offended by any statement that says that you, as a human, are God, because after all, none of us were born in a society that teaches us those things. And such reactions come from the human-self that is judging itself from that standpoint. From God standpoint, however, such judgment doesn’t exist.

So in this article, we are going to analyze what it means to BE God, and how it affects you and the manifestation of your desires.

What Does it Mean to Be God?

Personally, the most amazing thing that I discovered when I stumbled upon Neville Goddard’s teaching it’s that I didn’t have to believe in a force outside of me anymore because I WAS that force. I WAS God. I AM God.

This rang so true that I knew there was no going back for me at that point. There is the BEFORE this awareness and an AFTER my awareness of knowing who I truly am. I knew that I had found the pearl of great price. And at the same time, it’s like this knowledge filled a void that had been in me my whole life with so many questions never answered.

But what does it mean, really, to be God? The logical human brain has a hard time capturing the essence at first. And because of that, it’s not long until we misunderstand the whole concept trying to be God as a means to an end, such as trying to be in God’s state so we can get can our desire faster. If this is what you’ve been doing thus far, then you have not yet understood what being God means. You don’t get into a God’s state because you ARE God.

When I say I AM, the I AM is the same for you than it is for me. – Neville Goddard

God is NOT a state that you get into, because God is you in a human form. You are God since your conception. As soon as you came into this body form you were God. And before you came in this human form you were God. That’s what Neville explained by saying that when he said I AM (being God) it’s the same I AM (God) for his human form as it is for your human form. God is in each human form (each human being), that’s why we are ALL ONE. God is experiencing multiple experiences through multiple human forms.

So whether you are happy, sad, successful, unsuccessful, awake, or asleep, etc, you are God. You do not become God, because you have always been God. You do not get in a God state, because God is all states. I don’t know how many times people have asked me, but if I am God why did this happen to me? Every time such a question comes up, remember that God is not partial and is willing to experience all things through you. Whether you experience something positive or something negative it’s YOUR decision, and God is willing to experience it.

Being God is being anything and everything that you accept as true. Being God is as much choosing to be ignorant your whole human life (at least this one) as it is being fully awake. If you are reading this, however, my guess is that you’ve chosen not to be ignorant anymore by embarrassing this wonderful knowledge that opens up all possibilities.

When we really wake, we will not be God and man. It will just be you; and you will be God, who was the Dreamer. The whole will simply awaken within you. it will not be a twin. The wall of separation will be broken down. It will only be God; and God-and-you will be the One. – Neville Goddard

You ARE God, you don’t become God, because God is everything. However, you also possess an identity as a person, on top of being God. When you wake and let go of that human identity, you wake up from the dream of life. You realize that you were so immersed in the dream that you mistook it to be real. Life is a dream, a whole lot similar to a sleeping dream, and just like from a sleeping dream you can wake from it. When you’re dreaming in your sleep you really believe that your dream is real, and only when you wake up you know that you were dreaming. It’s the same thing with the dream that we call life, only when you wake do you know that this is just a dream and you can choose what you want to dream.

Being God and Your Manifestation

One day man will realize that his own I AM-ness is the God he has been seeking throughout ages, and that his own sense of awareness . . his consciousness of being . . is the one and only reality. – Neville Goddard

You don’t have to be AWARE of conscious manifesting to manifest. You don’t have to perfect either. Manifesting is not a reward, it’s a birthright, and you’ve been manifesting forever. Manifesting doesn’t happen the day you hear the word, because you manifest as you breathe.

However, the reason why so many people are struggling with manifesting a specific desire whether it’s a person, money, a job, or anything else specific, it’s that their main background belief behind it all it’s that their desire is outside of them. It is something that they need to go get out there. This is the most widespread belief in the manifesting community that is incapacitating so many people. The obvious reason to me is that most of us come from the law of attraction community, where the concept of BEING GOD has yet to be understood. Instead, most law of attraction teachers still believe that they have to be on a “high vibration,” or “matching the vibration” of their desire. When the truth is that you ALREADY are what you want, no matter what.

Is this your main belief as well? Do you feel that you have to reach out for your desire outside of you? Do you believe that you need to learn how to match the vibration of that which you want? Do you believe that you have to deserve it? Do you believe that there is a force above you that chooses for you?

If you still believe these things, then this is the main reason why you are struggling to manifest your specific desire, because you are actually manifesting that which you believe. As Neville Goddard said, you manifest what you are, not what you want. So, any such type of beliefs will hinder you from manifesting your desire (that you want) but will manifest the belief (that you are). In both cases, you are still a powerful creator who creates/manifest according to their beliefs.

When you wake to the understanding that you are God and that you’ve manifested a whole universe, and that such universe is not separated from you, everything becomes easy. You are no longer ruled by the shadow world because you understand that the only reality is your imagination. And as long as your desires exist in your imagination, then they are bound to show up in the shadow world.

You know that the fact that they may not appear instantly doesn’t mean anything. If the sun stopped shining right now as you read these words, you wouldn’t know it for another 7 minutes, because it takes 7 linear minutes for the sunlight to reach the earth. The fact that you’re not yet seeing your desire in linear time yet, is irrelevant to the fact that as long as you’ve imagined it, it is already done.

Because you are God of your reality, your desires are bound to be hardened into fact. Linear time, the shadow world, doubts, and fears that you experience in the meantime is your human-self experiencing them. Just observe them, but don’t get entangled in them because they have no power whatsoever.

Be still and know that I AM God. No matter what happens, turn within and be still. Know that your awareness is God and that all things are possible to you. – Neville Goddard


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