How to Live in the End

how to live in the end

One of the most asked questions that I get is how do we live in the end? What does it mean exactly? How is it supposed to feel? So, today, this is what I am going to discuss to help you get the gist of what Neville Goddard called living in the end of the wish fulfilled.

Living in the is Assuming Your Desired Fulfilled

And now, if I dare to assume that I am now the man that I want to be and I persist in the assumption, watching my mind, morning, noon and night, so anything I find myself dwelling upon that is in conflict with my assumption, I put it aside. I’ll be faithful to this divine vision, the vision of myself, and anytime I catch myself daring to feel less than the thing I’m trying to feel and externalize in my world. I simply stop it, and go back to that assumption, that I am the man that I want to be. If I persist in it and it becomes a fact, I have found him. If this law proved itself in performance then, I have found him. – Neville Goddard

As you can see from this beautiful and pretty explicit quote from Neville, taken from his lecture Assumptions Harden Into Facts, living in the end of the wish fulfilled is an assumption and it requires persistence. Unfortunately, as humans living in the asleep society that we are born in, we are not taught those things. We are not taught to live in our imagination and persist in it, we are actually taught the opposite. We are told that what’s going on in our minds is fantasy and that we should get real already. What society calls ‘real’ it’s the world of Ceasar. But the irony of this it’s that there would be no “world of Ceasar” without man’s imagination. Because everything is imagination hardened into fact.

So, with this truth in mind, it becomes easier to realize that if we want to experience something in the physical world, we have to imagine it and live in that imaginal act in thoughts and feelings until it hardens into fact. If you catch yourself deviating from that, you stop it, and go back in the assumption that you already have your desire, as Neville explains in the quote above.

You may have noticed that Neville doesn’t say that it’s easy, since he talks about persisting and stopping ourselves when we deviate from that assumption. It is not necessarily easy at first, it takes practice and persistence, but in the end, if you do practice and persist every day, it will become easier and easier.

You’ve Always Been Living in the End

In defining an aim, you’re defining a state of consciousness – which, like all states of consciousness, much have its reactions to life. For example: if a rumor or an idle remark could cause an anxious reaction in one person and no reaction in another, this is positive proof that the two people are living in two different states of consciousness. – Neville Goddard

A very important fact that new Neville Goddard’s students don’t realize when they are asking the question, how do we live in the end, it’s that they’ve always lived in the end of something. You have always lived in the end of something. Right NOW, you are living in the end of something, but maybe you are living in the end of the lack of your desire. Your state of consciousness is that of NOT having your desire, therefore, you are living in the end of not having your desire.

If you want to be in a relationship with your specific person, living in the end of your wish fulfilled means that you have to step into the state of consciousness of BEING in that relationship, and the best way to test if you are living in the end of that it’s to observe your reactions.

I often hear people telling me that they got “triggered” by some posts on Facebook groups, because someone wrote that we can’t manifest a specific person, for example. Why would someone be triggered by such a statement? Because they are NOT living in the end of having their SP and being in that relationship with them, so when they read the limiting beliefs of someone else saying that you cannot manifest a specific person, it triggers them, it reminds them that they are living in the state of lack, rather than in the state of having and being. As Neville says in the quote above it causes them an anxious reaction due to the state that they are dwelling in.

If you have been or even still are triggered by such comments, let this be a reminder that you are living in the state of NOT being in the relationship that you want to be in, because once you do, not only you won’t have such a negative reaction to the point of being triggered, but you’d laugh at the face of the person making such a statement because you know better.

How to Find the Feeling

If you’re faithful to your ideal, your reactions will conform to your aim. For you’ll be identified with your aim and, therefore, will be thinking from your aim. If your reactions aren’t in harmony with your ideal, it’s a sure sign that you’re separated from your ideal and are only thinking of it. – Neville Goddard

Analyze your thoughts and feelings right now, and ask yourself the honest question, do I truly live in the end of my wish fulfilled? Only by being honest with yourself will you be able to move forward. If your answer is yes, then perfect, just keep doing what you’re doing and your desire will harden into fact soon. If your answer is no, then embody that feeling, embody the state of being who you want to be, by asking yourself the question that Neville told people to ask themselves, how would I see the world if I had my desire?

How would you walk? How would you talk? How would you react to things? How would you feel right now… if you had your desire?

Close your eyes, and imagine how it would feel to live in the end of your wish fulfilled. Once you are in that state, your feelings and reactions will be different, because you will have stepped over into another state of consciousness, which is one where you have your desire.

When we have no idea that our reactions are only states of consciousness from which it’s possible to separate ourselves, we go round and round in the same circle of problems – not seeing them as inner states, but as outer situations. – Neville Goddard

Every time you react a certain way about anything, it’s coming from the state that you are dwelling in. When you are convinced that you can manifest anything and everything that you want, including a specific person, you won’t react in panic every time someone brings up their limiting beliefs. As a matter of fact, because you do no longer dwell in that state of doubt, these types of statements will most likely not appear in front of your eyes anymore.

It is possible to feel wealthy while lacking money in the physical world. It is possible to feel healthy while lacking heath in the physical world. It is possible to feel married while still single in the physical world. It is possible to FEEL anything that you want, because of this divine tool of ours called imagination. The more you train your imagination, the better it will get, and the better you will be able to live in the end of your wish fulfilled.


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