Are You Struggling to Manifest Your SP?

I had just one article dedicated to the topic of the sp on this blog, until now, because after all, this blog is about the law of assumption, not just about manifesting a specific person. Today, however, the topic of the sp is in the air because I will be starting a special manifesting your specific person workshop, for the first time, in my VIP membership group. So I thought I’d dedicate a second article about manifesting a sp.

As much as we would like it not to be the case, many people who got to discover the law of assumption and the teaching of Neville Goddard got here because they were after a specific person, mostly an ex. And for most people, they find this task a difficult one. Some people have told me that they were able to manifest all kinds of things, money, jobs, vacations, even healing for others (both animals and people), while that sp is still resisting them.

No doubt that there’s something going on when it comes to manifesting that sp. This is why I have decided to create a brand new workshop to manifest your specific person. In this article, I am going to discuss why’s it’s been tough and give you an overview of what will be considered in the workshop.

The Truth About Manifesting a Specific Person

The truth about manifesting a specific person it’s that it’s easy. It’s as easy as anything else, because, in fact, no matter what you desire to manifest it’s going to include specific people. If you decide to manifest a free cup of coffee, well, someone will be moved to offer you that free cup of coffee. If you manifest a job, someone will be moved to give you that job. If you think about it, pretty much every time that you are going to consciously manifest something, someone, (a specific person), will be involved. So, why does it seem so much easier in such cases? The short answer is that’s because you are not so attached to the outcome.

Attachment is, by all means, the worst block between you and your sp. Being attached to an outcome makes it very difficult to manifest such an outcome.

What is Attachment?

Attachment to something or someone comes from neediness. We develop an attachment to what we feel that we need desperately, what we feel we can’t live without. However, neediness is a repeller, and thus, it will work against you if you need something or someone too much. I cannot tell you of a single sp success story that came from attachment, because manifesting your desire while being needy for that desire it’s like trying to mix oil and water, it just doesn’t go together. However, most of the sp success stories that I personally know of and the ones that we hear about in the manifesting community, come from letting go of such attachment.

What is Letting Go?

Letting go of your attachment doesn’t mean that you have to give up on your desire. This is a huge misunderstanding that goes around and that only confuses people. To let go is letting go of the neediness and the unhealthy attachment. No longer putting that person at the forefront while you’re putting your own life on the back burner. No longer putting your life on hold, basically, until you’re able to get that specific person in your life. The truth is that even if you did manifest your sp in such a state of mind, it wouldn’t be a success recipe to keep them, to say the least. In fact, it would be a good recipe to get back to square one in no time.

Releasing that attachment before you manifest your sp is not only going to be the number one helper to manifest them but to keep them as well.

Why has it Been Hard for You to Manifest Your SP?

If you react by feeling depressed or assume any other negative attitude, you will then experience the same type of rejection in the future. Your reactions, whether positive or negative, are creative of future circumstances. – Neville Goddard

One of the main reasons why it’s been so hard for you to manifest your sp, especially if they are an ex, it’s because the situation between you and them is loaded with emotional baggage, insecurities, fears, and all kinds of turmoil. And even though you have discovered the law of assumption through the teaching of Neville Goddard, you have not been able to stop playing the old story over and over, therefore, that story has been playing over and over in your physical world.

With such a recipe for disaster, one might wonder how in the world it would be anything but hard to manifest a SP while being in such a state. This is why dropping the old story is a must to manifest a specific person. Oftentimes, that includes both the old story between you and your sp and the story that you personally are entertaining about romantic relationships in general. In such case, you are going to have to take responsibility for your past and consciously remove all those cobwebs to start on the right track.

With this said, why don’t we take a look at what we will be learning and practicing in my upcoming Manifesting Your SP Workshop.

The Manifesting Your SP Workshop

Here is a quick overview at what will be considered in the workshop.

  1. You are going to get rid of all the wrong concepts that are running around on the internet about manifesting a specific person which are actually working against you right now if you fall for them.
  2. You are going to figure out your relationship patterns that are keeping you in that destructive circle for years.
  3. You are going to let go of neediness, attachment, and dependency, and become more confident and secure.
  4. You are going to reprogram your subconscious mind for a new relationship pattern.
  5. You are going to dissolve all blocks, so you can move forward as the God and Goddess that you are.
  6. You are going to have a full understanding of how we manifest a specific person and what’s going on on their end as you manfiest them. What to do and what NOT to do in this case.
  7. You are going to create an upgraded version of you not only to manifest your sp, but to keep them.
  8. You are going to get better in touch with the God and Goddess that their sp will be crazy about.
  9. You are going to discover my own knock-out affirmation rampage that helped me change my life from worst to best.
  10. You are going to know for sure what you really want.

If this sounds exciting for you, you can join the VIP Group, and start rolling on September 6th, 2021. If you do, it’s going to be great fun, great learning, and a huge change in consciousness. We are going to ROCK!


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