Take Responsibility For Your Life

Take Responsibility For Your Life

In order to become a conscious master manifestor, the first thing that you need to do is to take responsibility for everything that has ever happened to you in the past. Why? Because unless you do, it means that you still believe that there is something out there, outside of yourself (second causes) that is throwing things at you and to which you are just a victim. While we may not always know or understand how we’ve manifested something, it is crucial that we understand that we did manifest it, regardless.

I speak to a lot of people every single day, and the main trend that I see it’s that many of you still believe that things just happen to you, and in a lot of cases, I can see that you do not fully grasp that whether or not you are conscious about it, you have manifested it. You have manifested your whole life, consciously or unconsciously, and until you fully grasp that, conscious manifesting will be tough for you.

So, if this is you, let’s see how taking responsibility can help you become a master conscious manifestor.

Your Whole Life is Your Manifestation

If you apply this law you can predict your future. Feel a new mood rise within you. Sustain it and soon you will meet people who embody this new state… Even inanimate objects are under the sway of these affinities. In a certain mood, I have gone to my library and removed a book I have not touched in years. And when I casually open it, I find confirmation of my mood. – Neville Goddard

Everything in your reality is a projection of you because it is your consciousness pushed out. Depending on what you feel right now, what end you are living in today, this is what you are going to manifest tomorrow. There is no way around this.

I speak with a lot of people who have manifested a collection of unwanted things, and it usually doesn’t take long for them to admit that they were in a crappy state when they manifested their unwanted situations. This quote from Neville, above, works for everything, both the wanted and the unwanted. When you sustain a certain mood (state) you will manifest people and circumstances that match it. And when you keep on telling that story to yourself and to others, you are making it all the more real for a little longer. It’s like, for some reason, it feels more comfortable to you to rehash the unwanted rather than cutting it off for good and move on to your desired state.

What Story Are You Rehashing

Sometimes I hear some of my clients say, I keep hearing my mother’s critics, I can’t forgive myself for this or that, I keep remembering that they said this or that… and the list goes on. But no matter what story you are rehashing over and over, it will keep on expanding into your future unless you put a stop to it.

Whatever your story, the moment you shift from the state that manifested it, it will vanish. And you as well as other people will start to act differently in your world. But unless you fully comprehend this, it will be difficult for you to make that shift in consciousness. You need to fully contemplate this truth because you can only fully comprehend what you are willing to contemplate and dig into.

You can obtain anything you desire because nothing is impossible to the creative power that resides within you. You can be and you can have all that you desire to be and to have. There is no limit to what you can accomplish for yourself and others. It doesn’t matter what your present circumstances are. – Neville Goddard – Imagination Creates Reality

The more you’ll come to understand that this “reality” is just a reflection of your mind, and that this world is NOT as solid as you were taught to believe, the more you will become a conscious manifestor able to live the life that you want to live.

The limitations that you think you have right now, were actually created by you. Because YOU are the operant power and there’s no one else that can create any circumstances for you, but you.

The Law is Not About Getting Things and People

Truth be told, many manifesting coaches have made it appear that this law is about getting things or people, that’s why there is a flock of people wanting to manifest their SP in this community, but the law is not about that, it’s about learning that imagination creates, and that your human imagination is your power. Unless you fully understand that the law works on you 24/7 and that it was never about getting things and people outside of you, but that it’s all about YOU from within, it will be hard for you to become the master conscious manifestor that you want to be.

Everyone in the world is using this only power, but they don’t know it. So he’s trying to bring us to the knowledge of this power and the wise use of it. It’s called– as we first quoted it– it’s called “The Pearl of Great Price.” So great is this pearl, so valuable, it takes everything that you own to buy it. Now you don’t go and liquidate your stocks and bonds… you don’t sell your homes; you don’t sell anything in the world of Caesar. But it takes everything that you now believe in other than it to pay for it. You believe in astrology? You’ve got to sell it. You believe in numerology, in teacup leaves, in numerology, and all these things? No matter what you believe in as a power to control you, you’ve got to sell it. – Neville Goddard – The Pearl of Great Price

There is nothing outside of you, and there is no power outside of you. It’s all you. Your desires don’t depend on signs or “bird before land” or anything that anyone could do in the world of Caesar. Your desires depend on you, and your wonderful human imagination that is at work day and night.

So, fully awaken to this truth and take full responsibility for everything that has ever happened to you thus far, and this will help you to better understand how the manifesting process works. Then, simply tweak your imagination to reap different results in the shadow world.


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