Don’t Fall Victim to Second Causes

When you know that consciousness is the one and only reality – conceiving itself to be something good, bad or indifferent, and becoming that which it conceived itself to be – you are free from the tyranny of second causes, free from the belief that there are causes outside of your own mind that can affect your life. – Neville Goddard – The Power of Awareness

If you are new to the law of assumption or haven’t bought the pearl of great price, yet, you may still be victim of the tyranny of second causes. So, what are second causes, and how to can you free yourself from them? This is what we are going to discuss in this article.

What are Second Causes?

I see a lot of people, in the manifesting community, who are still falling victim to second causes, and for the most part, it’s because they are not even aware that they are. So what does it mean to be “victim of the tyranny of second causes?” It means that you believe that you need something outside of you in order to be or have what you desire to be or have.

For example, you believe that you need to be thinner to be seen as beautiful, you believe that you have to have a college degree to succeed in life, you believe that you have to be beautiful to be loved romantically, you believe that in order to be healthy there are things that you must or mustn’t do. You believe that it’s your job that keeps a roof above your head, you believe that you have to contact your specific person for them to get back to you, you believe that if you don’t manifest the middle, you won’t get to the end. And you might even believe that without the techniques you can’t manifest your desire…, and the list goes on.

Being victim to second causes is forgetting or not knowing the first principle which says “Be still and know that I AM God” – Psalms 46:10

Your God-Self is YOUR AWARENESS OF BEING. You, reading this right now, no matter what your present circumstances are, are AWARE of being, and that AWARENESS OF BEING IS GOD. This is why we use the expression you are God of Your Reality. Some people throw that expression left and right without truly understanding what it means.

Your awareness of being can be and have anything that you can imagine to be and have. That’s why the first principle is “Be still and know that I AM God.” When we have a desire, all we have to do is be still, which means, to know, to relax, to release any feeling of striving or fighting, because our IAMness is God, and “with God all things are possible.” – Matthew 19:26. That’s why the Christ in the Bible, which represents our imagination, said, “whoever believes in me will also do the works that I do; and greater works than these.” Our imagination is the vehicle that allows us to be and have anything that we desire, as long as we believe that we can.

On the other hand, however, if you believe in second causes, it means that you are denying God within, but rather, you believe that you need something outside of you to achieve your desire.

Ironically that “something” that you believe you need is, of course, not even close to being as powerful as your IAMness, but the illusion is great, indeed.

This is what it means to fall for second causes.

Remember Who You Truly Are!

I AM is that reality to which, whatever happens, we must turn for an explanation of the phenomena of life. It is I AM’s concept of itself that determines the form and scenery of its existence.

Everything depends upon its attitude towards itself; that which it will not affirm as true of itself cannot awaken in its world. That is, your concept of yourself, such as “I am strong”, “I am secure”, “I am loved”, determines the world in which you live. In other words, when you say, “I am a man, I am a father, I am an American”, you are not defining different I AM’s; you are defining different concepts or arrangements of the one cause-substance – the one I AM. – Neville Goddard – The Power of Awareness.

The only thing that you need to remember to manifest anything that you want in your physical world, is YOUR IAMNESS. There is nothing and no one that can aid you to manifest your desire better than YOUR-SELF. The I AM that is in me is the same I AM that is in YOU, reading these words, you may just have a different concept of self than me, though. For example, you may have assumed that Neville is hard to understand, while I don’t, you may have assumed that manifesting a specific person is difficult, while I don’t, you may have assumed that your senses are bigger than you, while I don’t, but those are just assumptions that you have unwillingly accepted as true, and because you are God of your reality, then they are true for you.

However, the moment you realize who you truly are. The moment you realize that your consciousness is the ONLY reality, then you will discover how easy it becomes to trust your inner-self, to trust the process, and to deny any second causes.

Neville said, “This great discovery of cause reveals that, good or bad, man is actually the arbiter of his own fate, and that it is his concept of himself that determines the world in which he lives.” There is nothing outside of you that is bigger than you because you are it, but depending on your concept of self this is more or less easy to grasp and see. However, if you can’t fully see it yet, then keep on learning about the law, and keep on testing it, and your faith will grow to the point that you will know that you need no second causes.


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