How to Recreate a New Version of Someone

As we’ve started a new Recreate Your SP workshop in my membership Facebook group, I thought that I would share some useful insights with you about this topic.

The mistake that most people make when it comes to manifesting it’s that even though, for the most part, they know that this is not the law of attraction, but the law of assumption, they still feel that they attract things outside of them towards them. However, I’m here to tell you that if you still believe this it’s going to work against you. As a matter of fact, the more you are going to “try” to “get” things out there to come to you, the more those things are going to elude you. This is why so many people are failing to change their lives following the teaching of the law of attraction.

We do not change people and things, we change ourselves from within, and then people and things, which are us pushed out, will conform to our own transformation. Manifesting a new version of your SP is no different.

The Illusion of Free Will

You do not have to be concerned about influencing others as they are not the cause, your imaginal act is. You alone are doing it as your imaginal acts influence people. Everyone is yourself pushed out so when you imagine you are influencing yourself. – Neville Goddard

The first question that you need to ask yourself, is why your SP is showing up in the version that they are appearing in my 3D reality. Some teachers, even in the Neville Goddard/law of assumption community, are still believing that people have free will. The reason why they believe and teach that people have free will, it’s because they feel that if people didn’t have free will, they wouldn’t be a full-blown person with their own brain, intelligence, and feelings. But that’s not what it means when we say that people don’t have free will. Not having free will doesn’t mean any of that, and it doesn’t mean that people are not God of their reality. It simply means that in your world, people have no choice (no matter what you believe), but to act according to your expectations, beliefs, and overall assumptions.

Because there exist multiple versions of each one of us, depending on the state that we are dwelling in, we are going to manifest a matching version of that person or people. When I was in the state of being a loser who was always abandoned and betrayed by people, for all the years that I was dwelling in that state, I ONLY manifested the version of people that would betray and abandon me. Those people didn’t have free will in my reality.

When it comes to yourself, your free will ends in the state that you are dwelling in. If you are in the state of victimhood you won’t be able to take actions or manifest circumstances that will lead you to success. Not because success is impossible for you, but because success is impossible for you as long as you dwell in that state. Because success doesn’t exist in the state of victimhood. However, the moment you decide to step into the state where success does exist, then you will take inspired actions and manifest people and circumstances that contribute to your manifestation of success.

For those of you who are trying desperately to manifest a specific person from the state of being single, you are experiencing how difficult this is, aren’t you? This is not because you are single, but because you dwell in the state of being lonely and loveless while you are trying to reach out to someone over there that is separated from you. Thus, you feel all the pangs of being single, of not having your SP, and in worst-case scenarios, you’re feeling rejected by your SP. However, the moment you leave that state and embody the state of BEING and FEELING love within, feeling loved, wanted, and chosen, your SP will by default, choose you.

As long as you’re dwelling in this wanting, lacking, and even desperate state/version of yourself, you are manifesting your SP going away from you. Not because they want to, but because, by law, they have to. Their free will starts and ends with you. Your SP is not going to mirror what you want, but what you ARE. This is why, as Neville says, there is no one to change but self. Once you switch from lack to love, people will love you rather than run away from you. That includes your SP.

There are Many Versions of Every One

The time it takes your assumption to become fact, your desire to be fulfilled, is directly proportionate to the naturalness of your feeling of already being what you want to be, of already having what you desire. – Neville Goddard

There is more than one version of each one of us. You have, yourself, been in different versions at different times of your life. You are not the same version of yourself than when you were 10 or 20 years old. If you are much older than your twenty, you are no longer the version of you when you were in your twenties.

The belief that there is only one version of a person, it’s one of those 3D illusions. In fact, there is no such thing as just one version of a person.

In order to manifest your desired version of your SP, you need to remember that that version already exists, and you need to feel it natural. As per Neville’s quote above, to the degree of naturalness that you are going to feel it, it’s how fast you are going to see it in the 3D.

The problem that I have observed, though, when people want to create a new version of their SP, it’s that it’s more natural to them to see their SP in the old version, than it is to see them in their desired version. And this is the ONLY reason why it’s that old version that keeps on manifesting.

Versions of a person are basically states. Just like we are in different states throughout the course of a day, we are in different versions as well.

So, when you want to recreate the version of your SP, you have to imagine your SP in a different state. And just like imagining for another person’s health or wealth, when you imagine another version of your SP, YOU are the one doing the inner work, because your imagination manifests not just for you, but for others as well (because we are all one).

Recreating the version of your SP is forgetting the old version and remembering the version of them that you desire. And you need to STOP trying to change them, but rather fall in love with the new version of them.

The Necessity to Have Faith

It’s up to you to provide the necessary link between your assumption and its fulfillment. That link is faith. – Neville Goddard

The biggest challenge for the whole manifesting community is FAITH because it’s so much easier to have faith in the seen than it is in the unseen. “For we walk by faith, not by sight.” 2 Cor 5:7

The reason why this is the case it’s because, when we were born, we agreed to forget who we truly are. So much so, that it’s obvious that some people alive today will live and die without ever remembering who they are in this lifetime. However, if somehow, you found the law of assumption and the teaching of Neville Goddard, and it resonated with you, it’s because you are ready for this amazing awakening.

Have faith that your SP desired version (no matter who is your specific person in your case), already exists. Because all possibilities already exist.

All Possibilities already exist right now. So, it’s not about creating or even “manifesting” anything, but it’s about CHOOSING the desired version of your specific person.

The 3D it’s like that infinite film roll archive with all the frames that will ever exist. If right now you are in a frame where the version of your SP doesn’t exist, that’s why you CANNOT see it. But the moment you step in that frame where it does exist, then you will be able to see it. You just have to choose it and step in it.

Recreating your SP is simpler than you think, but it requires faith in your imagination, more than faith in what you can see in the 3D. If you need help to manifest a new version of your SP, join us in our Facebook membership group.


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