Change Your Core Beliefs Before You Manifest Your Big Desire

Are you “trying” to manifest that big desire of yours without changing the core beliefs that are keeping your desire out of reach? If your answer is yes, then this article is for you.

I noticed that most people who land in the conscious manifesting community are in the ‘market’ of ‘getting’ someone or something. And it is that burning desire that actually led them to discover the law of assumption and the teaching of Neville Goddard.

However, most of those people are making a fundamental mistake, and that mistake is to believe that they can get and KEEP their desire from the same self-concept in which they’ve lost it. The truth of the matter, however, it’s that it doesn’t work like that. So, if you want to avoid weeks, months, or even years of frustrations, here is something that you must understand before you start manifesting your big desire.

You Must Change From Within First

A man’s mental conversations attract his life. As long as there is no change in his inner talking, the personal history of the man remains the same. – Neville Goddard

Whether you don’t have the relationship that you desire, or don’t have the person that you want, or don’t have the money that you want, or anything else for that matter, it all stems from the state that you are in right now. Because it is impossible to have or experience something that is outside of the state that you are dwelling in. As per my own quote that I shared yesterday on my Instagram, you are under the impression that you have free will, but you don’t. Your free will is one hundred percent dependent on your state. And you can’t possibly take action based on a state that you’re not in.

Where does your state stem from? From your concept of self. From the core beliefs that you have about yourself. If you do not work on YOURSELF, on your self-concept, before you try to manifest your big desire, not only it will be difficult to manifest it, but even you manage to do so, you won’t be able to keep it for very long.

I could give you not only my own many examples but hundreds of other people’s examples when this truth has played out for me and for them. But to speak only for myself, I can tell you that I have had material possessions that I wasn’t able to keep, money that I wasn’t able to keep, and love that I wasn’t able to keep. Why? Because my self-concept was not up to the part. The state that I was in wasn’t a match to what I was briefly able to manifest. Therefore, I couldn’t sustain my manifestations for long.

This is, unfortunately, something that is rarely discussed in the manifesting community. A lot of coaches are telling you that you are the God of your reality and that you can be and have anything that you want, which is true, and I’ve said that myself as well, but they are forgetting to add that there is much more to manifesting than that. If you want to be able to manifest and keep your big desire, you must work on your self-concept first. There is no way around it.

This is why Neville didn’t just taught about manifesting your desire, but he also taught people to do self observation of their mental diet and inner conversations.

Manifesting Techniques Are Not Enough

Among the hundreds of people that I have coached so far, two main patterns emerged. First case scenario, their thinking pattern is so opposite to the state of having their desire that they can’t even manifest it at all. Second case scenario, they managed to manifest their desire because they are pretty good with the techniques, but because they haven’t worked on their concept of self, they are unable to keep their desire. They get their desire, but pretty soon their old self kicks in and they find themselves at square one.

Manifesting techniques are great, and if you do them correctly, you will manifest your desire one hundred percent of the time, but the techniques on their own will not change your thought pattern and deep core beliefs. While you can use your imagination to change your beliefs, imagining that you have your desire won’t change the beliefs themselves.

We observe a significant such pattern when it comes to relationship and money, especially. Let’s say you want to manifest a specific person, and more often than not, this person is an ex-partner who left you in the recent past. So, in your desperation to get them back, you discovered the teaching of Neville Goddard, the law of assumption, and you realized this was the answer to your problem.

You were told that you can get your ex back by simply affirming and/or visualizing that you have them back. You may have even gone deep into specific manifesting techniques such as SATS (state akin to sleep) visualization, which is creating a mental scene that implies that your are in the relationship that you desire to be. And maybe you’ve manifested that specific person of yours back into your life. But a few weeks or months later that person left you again.

Or, maybe, you are in the process of manifesting your specific person, but they are driving you crazy with their hot and cold behavior. You can’t seem to understand why one day they are all loving and willing and why the next they are cold and ignoring your texts.

Or, yet again, while you desire is to have enough money to be wealthy and financially free, you can’t ever seem to be able to either keep the money that you’ve managed to manifest, like it happened to me once upon a time, or you can’t seem to be able to crack the code to make the type of money that will change your life.

All of this is happening because you haven’t changed your core beliefs about yourself – your concept of self that will allow you to shift from the state that you are in right now to the state that can sustain your big desire.

Revise the Past Experiences that Have Created Your Beliefs

Be revising the past, you rid yourself of any effect it may have on your future. – Neville Goddard

I think that probably the biggest confusion among the teachings of Neville Goddard is that of revision. Most people I speak to seem to believe that revision changes the past or other people, but none of this is true. The purpose of revision is NOT about changing the past or other people, it’s about changing YOU and your future. And it is not about relieving negative events either. It’s about recreating them differently, so you will impress your subconscious mind with a different memory. A different memory than the one that created your negative or limiting beliefs. Revision will help you delete and change your limiting entrenched beliefs.

This is why revision is so powerful. This is why revision has changed some Neville Goddard’s students’ lives completely. This is why Neville said that if there was only one thing that he could teach among all the things that he taught, it would be revision.

So, how can you best revise your life to create a new self-concept?

  1. By going back to all the negative events of your life and revising them by creating new events, thus a new memory.
  2. By affirming every day that you are who you want to be.
  3. By using your imagination to embody the state of who you want to be. The state that can contain and sustain your desire.
  4. By watching your inner conversations to make sure that they do not conflict with your hard work.
  5. By maintaining this healthy mental diet for the rest of your natural life.

If you do this, you will not only be able to manifest your big, medium, and small desires, but you will be in a position of keeping them.


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