Your Imagination is As Real As Your 3D Reality

Most people, even in the manifesting community, think of their imagination as something ‘make belief’ as opposed to their 3D reality who is real. But if this is the way you are thinking, not only you are mistaken, but it is affecting your manifest power and your results right now. So, how is it that imagination is as real as your 3D world, and how understanding this will be a game-changer as a conscious manifestor?

Let’s consider this today!

Your Imagination is Your Creative Power

Most men are totally unaware of the creative power of imagination and invariably bow before the dictates of “facts” and accepts life on the basis of the world without. But when you discover this creative power within yourself, you will boldly assert the supremacy of imagination and put all things in subjection to it. – Neville Goddard

Your imagination is your CREATIVE POWER, it’s where things REALLY happen before they actually can show up in your external world. God is in your wonderful human imagination, as Neville said. When you discover this you can “boldly assert the supremacy of imagination and put all things in subjection to it.” If we look at the meaning of the word supremacy in the dictionary, it means superior, predominant, or primary. Therefore, the supremacy of imagination means that it’s our imagination that is superior or dominant to our external world. Not the other way around.

It’s your imagination that is the cause of things, not your external 3D world. Imagination is the cause, while 3D is the effect. So, while the external world may “feel” more real to the human mind and body, it is no more real than imagination is. So, when you believe that your 3D world is the real thing, even though you’ve learned to imagine your desire, it’s because you have an intellectual understanding of what imagination is, but you are still falling for the illusion of the 3D world because that illusion is huge. However, this is a catch-22, because that belief alone will lead you to imagine more of the unwanted.

The Cost of Falling for the Illusion of 3D

Granted we have been living in this illusion for decades before we found out about the law of assumption and the teaching of Neville Goddard. But that illusion, for many of us, has cost us to be in a dire situation in life which, in fact, eventually led us to discover the law.

So, what is the cost of falling for the illusion that 3D is where things happen? Here is an example, when you are manifesting a specific person that you strongly desire to be with, instead of fully focusing on your imagination, knowing that if you are with your sp in your imagination they will manifest in your external world, you keep on reacting every time a negative circumstance shows up. By doing this, however, and because imagination is powerful, you are actually manifesting more of what you don’t want.

When you react to unwanted circumstances, you are imagining things that you do not want to experience, but because your imagination is powerful and real, in this case, you are using your imagination somewhat “unconsciously” to manifest more of the unwanted.

The reason why this is so common, it’s that more often than not we don’t fully believe that our imagination is REAL. You still believe that your imagination is “make-believe.” Thus, you are forgetting that what you imagine truly creates, while you fully believe in the circumstances that you are experiencing or observing. I deal with people who believe just that on a daily basis.

This is why we easily fall for the illusion of the 3D, believing that if this exists in the 3D it must be true. While the truth is that the only reason that something exists in the external 3D world it’s because it was created in someone’s mind first.

A better word for ‘created’ is ‘selected’, since all the possible outcomes already exist because creation is finished. That’s why you can use your mind (your imagination) to select what story or outcome you want to experience.

Imagination is Real, Use it to Your Advantage

I am not there physically, no, but I AM there in my imagination, and my imagination is my real self! And where I go in imagination and make it real, there I shall go in the flesh, also. When in that state I fall asleep, it is done. I have never seen it fail. So this is the simple technique upon how to use your imagination to realize your every objective. – Neville Goddard

Your imagination is the creative power through which you choose what story you want to experience, what state you want to shift into. Once you’ve done that, your 3D world will simply reflect your choice. Yes, it’s as easy as that!

Whatever your life has been like until now, it was all imagined first. Of course, for the most part, you were not consciously aware of this, but I’m sure that it didn’t take you long to see this very clearly once you discovered the law and examined your past.

If you have been successful in one area of your life, while failing in another it’s because of your imagination. If you have been failing on all levels (like I did) it’s because of your imagination. If eventually, you started to become successful in all the levels that you used to fail in (Like me) it is still because of your imagination.

This power, called imagination, is within you. There is no need to ask a “universe” as it is taught in the law of attraction, to get your desire. There is no force outside of you, as I see a lot of people still believing this. There is no need to ask anyone. You don’t need permission from anyone or anything, but your own self. All you have to do is go within – in your wonderful human imagination, where your God-force is.

Getting your desires is NOT a reward and it’s not based on whether or not you “deserve” it. You deserve by being born. It is solely based on the fact that you know how to use your imagination to create it.

So, next time you think of your imagination, remember that it’s not only very real, but it is the motor element of the quality of your life.

Happy manifesting!


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