How to Use Your Imagination to Transform Your Life

Whether you are aware of it or not, you are using your imagination right now, and whatever you are imagining, consciously or unconsciously, willingly or unwillingly, will be your manifestation tomorrow.

While I’m helping more and more people on a weekly basis it’s become more and more obvious to me when people are imagining that they have their desires and when they are imagining against their desires. In both cases, however, it is done. “According to your faith be it done unto you.” Matthew 9:29.

Imagination is not happening only when you close your eyes and visualize a scene. Imagination happens all day long, every day, and since the power is in your imagination (God is in your wonderful human imagination – Neville), it’s would be a good idea, as a conscious manifestor, to be aware of this fact, and make sure that you use your imagination as a friend rather than a foe.

Your Imagination Creates Your World

Your own imagination is the actual creative power of God within you. It is your savior. If you were thirsty, water would be your savior. If you needed a job, employment would be your savior. Your imagination is the power to save you from whatever circumstances you now find yourself. – Neville Goddard

I am all for the use of affirmations to reprogram your mind and your thoughts process as you’re working on your self-concept, but using affirmations doesn’t mean forgetting about the power of your imagination, because even if you’re someone who likes to affirm things with words, as a human being, you do use your imagination every day consciously or unconsciously. We can’t separate the man or the woman from their imagination.

For example, if you feel the need to affirm for hours, I am loved, I am loved, this is because you have been imagined or even still imagining that you’re not. So, if after days and weeks of affirming something that you want to be you are still not feeling it or believing it, it’s because you are still imagining that you are not what you are telling yourself that you are with repetitive words. If this is the case, it’s time that you check your imagination. What are you imagining on a daily basis?

Your imagination creates your world as we speak. If your 3D experience is not to your liking, then let’s go in your imagination and change that. The moment you take control of your imagination is the moment your 3D world is going to start changing.

Make it All About You

Your imagination will go to work to bring about that state in your outer world. You need not be concerned about how this will be accomplished. Your imagination will use whatever natural means are necessary to bring it about. – Neville Goddard

When you have a desire, any desire, don’t make it about the desire, always make it about YOU. Something that we can observe often, especially when manifesting a specific person, it’s that most people are making it about that specific person when it’s all about themselves. It is never about your specific person, it’s all about you. That specific person of yours, whether you are imagining about them, consciously or unconsciously, they don’t have the free will to go against that, because by law, they will act according to your imagination.

If you reverse engineer your life, as I often encourage people to do, you are bound to see the truth of that. If you keep imagining that your partner may not find you attractive enough. If you keep imagining that they may leave you someday. If you keep having negative conversations with them in your head. If you are jealous of other people your SP may be interested in, and so forth, if you have imagined these types of things long enough, most likely, that’s why you’re trying to manifest that person back right now. You are manifesting your SP back because at some point they broke the relationship. But they didn’t break the relationship because of their own will, no, they did it because of YOUR imagination. They had no choice. Your consciousness is the only reality, and such reality includes other people in your world.

When you are manifesting a desire in your physical reality, even a specific person, it’s never about your manifestation, it’s always about you. “I am the beginning and the end.” No matter what you desire to bring into your world, you are the one that makes it happen. And that goes for the money, the health, the success, the fame, etc. Whatever you want to manifest into your life.

Your Imagination is limitless

An awakened imagination works with a purpose. It creates and conserves the desirable, and transforms or destroys the undesirable. – Neville Goddard

In your imagination, you can absolutely be everything that you want to be. In fact, you are only limited by your own imagination. This is why it would be useful to you to improve your imagination. Imagination, like anything else, gets better with practice.

You can play with your imagination. Neville was giving exercises to his student to imagine that they were a glass of water sitting on a table and to see the world from the point of view of that glass of water. You can play that game with all sorts of objects and things. But you can also use your imagination to be the most beautiful, powerful, and amazing person on the planet. You can imagine that you are a queen or a king, you can imagine that the world is bending for you. You can imagine that you create miracles… Again, your own imagination is the only limit to where you can go.

Imagine how you want to experience the world in your imagination. Feel what you want to feel, be who you want to be. In your imagination, there is no shame, doubt, fear, or limitation. Don’t be shy or constricted in your imagination because this is the place where you can go all the way and create an amazing world for yourself, and that world has to be reflected in your physical experience. let your awakened imagination work with a purpose as Neville said, because when you do, the world is really going to bend for you.

You Are the Cause

Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, and then you believe it to be true. Every dream could be realized by those self-disciplined enough to believe it. – Neville Goddard

If your life and the state you’re in is completely opposite of what you want, it’s because of you and you only. No one to blame but self because YOU are the cause. The fact that there’s no one to blame can be both very comforting to some and very puzzling to others, depending on what’s more comfortable for you. But whether you believe one way or the other, the fact is that you are the cause, you are the operant power behind your life.

You can use your imagination to embody the state where all your desires already exist. You can embody that state right now if you wish. All states exist and are a fixed part of creation, Neville said. When you move into a state with a purpose or inadvertently, you will manifest what that state implies, but since you and you only are the cause, not the state, you can use your imagination to choose the state where your desire exists. By the way, we’ve just started a workshop on BEING IN THE STATE that you may be interested in. If so, why don’t you join our VIP Facebook group this month? You can do so right here!

But no matter what you do, you can use your imagination to create your dream life in all areas. It’s up to you to use this divine tool and discover what it can do for you in your physical experience.


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