You Are The Only Cause

you are the cause

You are the cause of all the phenomena of your life. – Neville Goddard

Once you understand this quote from the inside out, you become unstoppable. Yes, indeed, you are the only cause of your life, and because you are, you can change anything that you do not like in your life.

After having read and heard the stories of hundreds of people asking for my help in the manifesting community, the common denominator that I see the most is that people do not truly believe that they are the cause. You hear or read That you are the operant power, but you do not fully internalize it. And as long as you don’t, there will be doubts standing between you and your desires because, in the back of your mind, you will always believe that something or someone can prevent you from having what you want.

If this is where you stand right now, if you still doubt who you truly are and that you can have whatever you desire, then this article is for you.

You Got Here Because You are Ready

Why do you think there are more failures than successes in the law of attraction community? Because in the law of attraction, community teachers and coaches teach people that there is something outside of them that grants them their desires. This alone is enough to make people fail. As long as there is a universe ‘out there’ that may or may not grant you your desire, what are the chances that you’ll be getting it? As long as you believe that you may have some kind of karma to pay, or that you need the help of angels or need to be in the right vibration and alignment with your desires to ‘attract’ them, etc., it’s going to be hard to achieve what you want. This is why Neville Goddard’s teaching manifesting community is seeing a flood of people coming from the law of attraction. Because those people got tired of failing and started to believe there’s got to be something better than this.

So, whatever your reason for landing in the manifesting community, congratulations, you have arrived at the teaching that will change your life forever. The only teaching that shows you that YOU ARE God because that God force is NOT separated from you. It is not separated from you because you are IT. No more need to believe in secondary causes, whatever they may be. YOU and only YOU are the God of your reality and have the power to be and have whatever you want. This said, though, I am fully aware that many of you are not quite there yet. You do not fully believe that you are in full control of your life, and thus, your life is still in control of you. So, if this is you, what can you do to eliminate such limiting beliefs and become a master manifestor?

Know Who You Truly Are

It can’t be another; there is no other. So, if there is only one God and Father of us all who is above all and through all and in all, well then, if he is in all, I know he is in me for I say “I am.” I also know he is in every being in this world. But although he is in every being and there are billions, he is in me and there is only one God, therefore I can’t say that he did it. His name is not “he is” or “she is”; his name forever is I AM. So I can’t pass the buck. No matter what it appears on the outside, I am the cause of the phenomena of life. – Neville Goddard

You are consciousness, and consciousness is the only reality. Anything that is in your consciousness is and has to play out in your life. What is not in your consciousness will be absent from your life. In other words, your life – your 3D world, is made up of what you are conscious of, no matter what it is, because YOU are the only cause. No matter who you are, you are conscious of being because you are I AM. When you say, I AM, you are saying that you are the cause – you are the God of your reality.

Your I AM gives you power, even if you are using it unconsciously and by default. If you want to manifest a life by design, you need to use your power consciously and remove the fears and doubts that will prevent you from doing so.

To manifest your desires rather than the unwanted, you need to remove all your cobwebs of doubts because these are the causes of your current results. You need to agree from within with your desire if you want such desire to be yours. Neville said you are the cause of all the phenomena of your life because we are the cause for it all, the good, the bad, and the ugly. We are the cause for the neutral as well. We are the cause of what we love about our life and the cause of what we hate in our life. We are the cause of it all.

So, at the end of the day, there is a life-changing question that you should ask yourself. Do I want to keep living according to the rules that I have lived my life until now, or do I want to live by my imagination? If you choose the latter, which I hope you do, then you need to start controlling what you are imagining. 

Your Life Springs from Your Imagination

People are totally unaware of this fantastic power of the imagination, but when man begins to discover this power within him, he never plays the part that he formerly played. He doesn’t turn back and become just a reflector of life; from here on in he is the affector of life. – Neville Goddard

One of the most interesting questions we often read in Neville Goddard/manifesting groups is the question that starts like this: how do I imagine…? It seems that as soon as people are told that they can imagine that they have what they want, they can’t imagine anymore all of a sudden. But the funny thing is that they have no problem at all imagining all kinds of unwanted things. So, it can be said that the first resistance that many people have when they learn about the law is that they believe that they don’t know how to imagine and that they have to learn it. But this couldn’t be further from the truth.

You have been imagining your whole life since you were an infant. As a matter of fact, children are amazingly good at imagining because they don’t have the blocks that most adults have acquired. Unfortunately, the limiting thinking society that we live in actually makes us feel guilty or even “unrealistic” if we dare to imagine things that are not according to the “norms.” But thankfully, if you are part of the conscious manifesting community, you know that not only imagining is allowed, but imagining should become your way of life if you want to transform your life because, as Neville has said so many times, God is your wonderful human imagination.

So, start imagining on purpose. Start controlling and eliminating your unwanted thoughts. The best way to do this is to use specific affirmations that will replace such thoughts and help you change your inner chat. Work on your self-concept to elevate your view about yourself and feel your imaginal act from within. When you imagine your wish fulfilled it’s an inner feeling that you need to keep up as much as you can. Once you do, you know that you are in the state of your wish fulfilled, and when that’s done, your desire in the 3D form is upon you. It all comes from you and by you because YOU are the only cause.


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