There is No One to Blame

There's is no one to blame

There is no one to blame, not even you. This said, however, because we live in a society that is so far removed from spiritual law, the first thing that we are inclined to do when life doesn’t go our way is to blame something or someone, or even ourselves. People spend a great amount of time and energy blaming the government, their parents, their boss, their partner, circumstances, and even themselves, but the truth of the matter is that there is no one to blame, not even you. Not if you understand who you truly are.

So, if you are still new to spiritual law, also called the law of assumption, and are blaming yourself or anyone or anything else for the way your life is, this article is for you. Let’s dig in.

The Only Cause is “I AM” Awareness/Consciousness

“I AM” or the awareness of being is the only reality – Neville Goddard

One of the main reasons why we tend to blame external factors for our problems it’s because that’s how we were taught from infancy. When we observe the society in which we live, along with intrusive religions that are trying to control people’s minds, it’s not hard to understand why people are blaming external factors for their suffering.

So, it is no wonder that our natural reaction is to blame something or someone for things that happen in this world. And additionally, people who believe in an external God even blame “God” when there is nothing else to blame. When we discover the law, however, we quickly realize that there’s no one to blame, not even ourselves, because we didn’t know any better to start with.

Your consciousness, my consciousness, is the only true foundation in the world. – Neville Goddard

Neville said consciousness, also called awareness, which is the I AM is the only true foundation in the world. The only cause. Everything that we experience in the world comes from that IAMness which is our Imagination. What I imagine, what you imagine, and what others are imagining manifest into the shadow world. And since there is no such thing as “separation” what we manifest doesn’t only affect us, but the whole world and vice versa. And what you wish onto others has no choice but to affect you. You can’t experience anything that is outside of YOU, outside of your state of consciousness.

What you have assumed you are, you will become. You have already become what you are because you once assumed that you are it. Everything in the world is just like that. It’s all imagination. – Neville Goddard

Neville called the world “the shadow world,” because it has no power of its own, it has no mind of its own, it’s just a shadow of our thoughts, beliefs, and assumptions. What people call accidents, fate, or circumstances can only exist because someone imagined them. The circumstances that you are experiencing today were once in your imagination, so they had to harden into fact at some point. But even you are not to blame for your unwanted circumstances because you most likely didn’t imagine them on purpose. You imagined them by default, by letting your powerful imagination wander, not knowing that your imagination is your IAMness, and that it creates “reality.”

Trust in Your Own Power

When you and I really become conscious of being Christ, we too will straighten the arms of the withered, and resurrect the dead hopes of men. We will do all the things that we could not do when we felt ourselves limited by our family tree. It is a bold step and should not be taken lightly, because to do it is to die. John, the man of three dimensions is beheaded, or loses his three-dimensional focus that Jesus, the fourth-dimensional Self may live. – Neville Goddard

In a previous article, I had discussed the importance of what Neville called, quoting the Bible, buying the pearl of great price, which means to leave behind all our limiting old beliefs and secondary causes and accept the fact that we ARE God of our reality. In the quote above, taken from his lecture titled, No one to change but self, he says that giving up on the encumbering beliefs that we have carried until now is to die in our John “the Baptist” Self which is our old self, our three-dimensional Self, and to rise in our Jesus Self which is our fourth dimensional Self.

In other words, this means that you have to stop putting faith in your 3D world, but rather go in your imagination – your 4D world, knowing that it’s from there that you can change your 3D world. There is no power in the 3D world because it’s old news, it is just a shadow, it is dead. The real life, the power to change your circumstances lies in your imagination because it is your IAMness.

You have to let go of all the secondary causes that you believe in and come to the understanding that YOU ARE the Operant Power. And if you are the operant power there is no one and nothing that has the power to do anything for you. So, for example, believing that a tarot card reader can tell YOU what to do or what to expect is taking your own power away and giving it to another person. Plus it is a sign that you believe that your world is separated from your-self. From who you truly are. No one can imagine YOUR life better than YOURSELF. When you believe that whatever thing or person has more power than you – Your God-Self – you are giving your power away.

Your Whole World is Imagined by YOU

“I AM” (your true self) is not interested in man’s opinion. All its interest lies in your conviction of yourself. What do you say of the I AM within you? Can you answer and say, “I AM Christ”? Your answer or degree of understanding will determine the place you will occupy in life. Do you say or believe yourself to be a man of a certain family, race, nation, etc.? Do you honestly believe this of yourself? Then life, your true self, will cause the conceptions to appear in your world and you will live with them as though they are real. – Neville Goddard

There is no one to blame because your WHOLE world and everyone in it is imagined by you. I know this is a concept that is a bit hard to understand at first, but I promise you that once you get this, you’ll be unstoppable.

The only reason why your current situation might not be in accordance with your desire, right now, it’s because you have embodied a state that is not in accordance with it, and you have assumed and accepted that state. Neville said that you can’t experience anything that is outside of your state of consciousness, so if want to be healthy, you need to step into the state of BEING healthy. If you want to be wealthy you need to step into the state of BEING wealthy. If you want to be successful, you need to step into the state of BEING successful. If you want to be in a relationship with the love of your life, you need to step into the state of BEING in such a relationship.

However, when you feel that you have to REACH out to desire ‘out there’, instead of BEING from within what you want to be and have, you only push it away.

The tools that we are using such as, SATS, affirmations, watching our mental diet, etc. are techniques that help us to get there. But as we are using those tools and techniques we need to remember what they are for. They are meant to help us to inhabit that state, the state of the wish fulfilled. Because once you ARE in that state, there’s no power on earth that can stop your desire from being yours. Once you are in such a state you ARE your desire since it was never separated from you in the first place.

There is no one to blame because there is nothing outside of you. You are Consciousness, you are Awareness, you are IAMness and there is nothing that you can experience outside of your state of consciousness.


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