Understanding States of Consciousness

Understanding States of Consciousness

Do you want to know what is the main reason why you don’t have your desire right now? It’s because you are dwelling in an opposite state. As long as you are dwelling in any given state, you won’t be able to manifest anything that doesn’t exist in such a state. This is why understanding states of consciousness is vital for conscious manifesting.

The moment that you move to your desired state, however, your manifestation will fall on your lap sooner than you think. I am not telling you this to fill a blank page. I’m telling you this based on my own experience with conscious manifesting and that of so many of the people that I have helped along the way.

So, sit down and put on your seat belt as you are going to embark on the understanding of the difference between the state of having and being your desire and the state of not having or being your desire.

All States Already Exist

All states exist and are a fixed part of creation. Anyone can enter a state consciously or fall into a state inadvertently. You may move into different states throughout your lifetime or you may occupy a single state. Desire is what usually motivates us to move from one state to a higher level. Since a state is total and complete in itself, when we enter a state we are compelled to behave in a manner dictated by that state. – Neville Goddard

Did you notice what Neville says here? All states already exist! You do not have to create a state because the state that you want to embody, and even need to embody to manifest your desire, already exists. You may not be consciously aware of it, but you have already occupied many different states in your life. Some of which were completely opposite to the other.

There exist a state of YOU being and having all that which that you desire to be and have. There isn’t even any work involved, all you need to do is to embody that state. Embodying a state means that you just step into it in consciousness. This is something that we often hear about when it comes to method acting, for example. But it works even if you’re not an actor. However, talking about method acting, actor David Suchet said in an interview that for him, the moment he put that mustache on he was Hercule Poirot and his whole demeanor changed. He would start talking with that French accent and act as his character, Hercule Poirot. He was no longer David Suchet. He had shifted from the state of being David Suchet to the state of being Hercule Poirot.

Interestingly, he tells a story that happened to him while resting somewhere nearby the set, between shooting scenes, when a lady greeted him as Hercule Poirot, not as the actor David Suchet, as if Hercule really existed. He was totally stunned and said that this is one of the most incredible moments of his career. As I heard this story, I said to myself, wow, this is the power of states. He was so much in his state of BEING Poirot that someone treated his character, Poirot, as a real person, while totally ignoring the actor David Suchet. Remember when Neville said, “there is no fiction!”

This is how powerful states are. Not only do all states already exist, but they are taking a life of their own making real even a character who is not “real.”

The State that You are Dwelling in Always Takes Over

The reason why it is so important to understand the subject of states it’s that unless you are in the matching state of your desire, even though you might find yourself able to manifest such desire it will be short-lived. Why? Because the state that you are dwelling in will always win in the end. The state we are in works as an autopilot that naturally cancels out anything else. When I read those words from Neville, I can personally attest that this is one hundred percent true…

For instance, in the state of poverty, we would find ourselves constantly in need of funds. We would have difficulty making ends meet and have no way to enjoy luxuries. Should we be given a large sum of money, if we remain in the state of poverty (filling our mind with thoughts of lack and limitation), we would soon find ourselves without funds and again experiencing the same difficulties. The reverse would be true if we occupied a state of wealth. – Neville Goddard

A few years ago I had inherited what was then the biggest amount of money that I had ever have in my entire life. If I had been in the state of being wealthy, I would have been able to at least double that money, not to say multiply it a hundredfold. But instead, because I was still dwelling in a state of being broke and in lack, that money not only disappeared but I was left in the worse financial situation I had ever been in.

I managed to lose a huge amount of money that I had inherited in just four years when that money should have multiplied. But why did I lose it? Because I couldn’t sake the state of being broke all the while I had that money. Thus, the state that I was in had to manifest in my physical world, regardless of my circumstances.

This doesn’t just apply to money, by the way, it applies to everything.

The same thing happened once upon a time when I met a great guy who was crazy about me. Back then, however, I couldn’t shake off my state of being abandoned, lonely, single, and betrayed. As a result, in less than 6 months he was gone. He had abandoned me, betrayed me, and left me completely alone. Feeling more abandoned, betrayed, and alone than I had ever felt before.

In fact, I had noticed a pattern here. Every time I managed to manifest something great while not being able to shake off my old state, that state manifested ever so stronger than before. It’s like it came back with a vengeance. That’s how strong states are. If we keep dwelling in a state, that state will take over whatever our 3D circumstances are.

You Can Only Experience the State that You are Conscious of

When we are in a state we see only the contents of that state and are compelled to act in accordance with all that the state entails. While in a particular state, you believe certain things are true and would find it difficult to understand another point of view. In the state of poverty, it is easy to focus your thoughts on the problems of providing food, shelter and clothing. When you succeed in moving out of this state, you no longer find it difficult to acquire these things. Most people attribute this change of fortune to a change in circumstances. However, unless you have moved from the state of poverty, no change in circumstance would be permanent. Rather, moving out of one state and into another in your imagination automatically creates a change in your outer world. Neville Goddard

I think that anyone who has done what I like to call reverse engineering of their lives, meaning going back through your life events and compare them to your state of mind of the time, would easily see the truth of Neville’s words above.

When we are in any given state, we can only experience life according to that state. When I stayed in the state of being broke while having some money, it’s not my money that made me think differently, it’s the state that I was in that made me think and act a certain way until the money was gone. And it wasn’t my new relationship that made me feel confident and secure, but the state of being abandoned and alone that manifested myself being dumped. Just like it was not my circumstances of being single that prevented me to manifest my current relationship, but my feeling of being in a relationship while still being single.

In all of such cases, the 3D circumstances meant nothing, but the state that I was in meant everything to the point that they transformed my circumstances in a rather short time.

How to Embody Your Desired State

A state is a feeling. It’s a state of consciousness. It’s what you are aware of being. All of which can be changed. Start observing your thoughts and they will show you in what state you are dwelling in. Then, ask yourself the question, how would I feel right now if I was in the state of having my desire? And answer that question for yourself. You can construct some affirmations that answer the question, but also, answer the question with a feeling. Feel as if you were what you want to be. If you haven’t watched my video about states, I give another interesting exercise there, that you should start doing now to improve your imagination skills, and your ability to embody a state.


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