How Do We Truly Manifest?

Thanks to an Instagram post of mine, a couple of days ago, I was made aware more than ever before, about the confusion that exists, in the conscious manifesting community, about how we truly manifest. This is why this article is needed today, even though I haven’t written a blog article in a little while.

How do we manifest? How do YOU manifest?

There seems to be so much confusion out there. Yet, if people only took the time to reverse engineer their own life, as I suggested so many times in my teaching platforms, they would have pretty much all the answers they are looking for, and they wouldn’t be so confused by all the many different and contradicting teachings out there.

If you manifest your desire easily, then you’ve got it, no matter what you’re doing it’s working for you, so you just keep on doing that. However, if you’re struggling to manifest your desires, and are still confused with all those different and contradicting teachings out there, this blog article is for you.

It’s Not What You Do, It’s What You are That Manifest

My post on Instagram was the following: Affirmations don’t manifest, it’s the feeling that manifest. Use affirmations ONLY if they help you get into the feeling/assumption. Don’t use affirmations to manifest something or someone, especially if you would not affirm such a thing if you already had it, because if you do, it’s only confirmation that you don’t have it!

I thought my post was very clear and to the point. It’s not what you’re saying that manifest, it’s what you believe to be so, what you feel real, what you know, that manifest.

Then, someone posted the most intriguing comment saying, “Affirmations do manifest even if you don’t believe them. Feelings don’t manifest.” Then, this person mentioned two YouTubers who are teaching this. And I feel that it’s this type of teaching that confuses so many people. But those who are teaching such things, probably don’t understand what Neville meant by “feeling.”

The time it takes your assumption to become fact, your desire to be fulfilled, is directly proportionate to the NATURALNESS of your feeling of already being what you want to be… of already having what you desire. – Neville Goddard

Neville said, himself, that when he said “feeling” he didn’t mean emotion, he said feeling it real. Feeling it real, while it may include different kind of emotions, it doesn’t mean to be emotional about it. Emotions come and go, feeling it real stays. Feeling that you are something stays all day long. Your emotions can only last for so long. Emotions don’t last.

Think about what you ARE in life, don’t you feel it real?

Are you a wife? A husband? What’s your profession? Are you a man? A woman? A parent? A pet owner? Wealthy? Broke?

All that you ARE, you feel it real. You know it. And while it may contain some emotions, those emotions come and go, but the state of being a wife, a husband, a doctor, a homemaker, a father, a mother, a pet owner, wealthy, broke, etc. that’s what stays. That’s what you KNOW you are. That’s your state, and that’s what you are feeling real.

Even coaches who are teaching you to affirm to death are teaching you to affirm so you can eventually feel it real, feel it true. Otherwise, why would you affirm in the first place?

The problem I keep noticing with affirmations, though, it’s that many people may affirm for months and months, but still don’t feel it real at all because they keep on affirming from an opposite state. And that’s why we hear people say, when I affirm I feel anxious. Or for them, affirmations it’s just a chore or a got to do on their check list.

No wonder it’s not working for them. More often then not, this makes people feel the opposite of what they affirm.

Feeling it Real it’s Knowing

Now, going back to the states that you already occupy, the states that you already feel real, do you affirm about them? If you are a wife, do you spend time repeating throughout the day, I am a wife, I am a wife? My guess is that you don’t.

This is why Neville said that “vain repetition is more often than not confirmation of the opposite.” If people would only take a moment to meditate on that quote and compare it to their own experience, they would have to admit how true this is.

Frankly, even back in the days when I was affirming quite heavily, it was obvious that I was affirming because I didn’t have what I was affirming about. This is also why I’ve had many clients tell me, I don’t feel like affirming anymore. They had that feeling of not wanting to affirm anymore because they were passed those affirmations. And they were passed those affirmations because they felt that their desire was theirs, they felt that “feeling it real” feeling. Thus, they were not wanting to affirm anymore because it felt redundant.

So you might ask, but could they have gotten to that feeling if they didn’t use affirmations?

Well, the first thing I want to say it’s that if affirmations work for you, by all means do that. Always do what works for you. But if not, you might want to try something else that works every time. And if you want to know if you can manifest without affirming, the answer is a big fat yes.

Do You Need to Have Something to Feel that You Have it?

The short answer is NO. You don’t need to have something in the physical world to feel that you do. Have you ever felt something strongly even if it wasn’t apparent in your physical world, yet? I am sure you can answer yes to this, but if you’re not sure, maybe I can help you with that.

– Have you ever manifested a break up by feeling negative things about your relationship that were not true yet?

– Have you ever started creating fear around a subject for not apparent reason?

– Have you ever had a so-called intuition about anything, with not physical proof, yet?

– Have you ever felt that you knew something without any physical evidence?

If you can answer yes to any one of these questions, then you felt something real while you didn’t have it in your physical world, yet. And that’s how we manifest. This is how YOU manifest.

That feeling it real, it’s not an emotion, it’s a knowing, it’s an inner feeling, it’s a state. It’s something that you feel in your inner man, in imagination. Once you feel it there it manifests in your physical world pretty quickly. But as long as you don’t, it doesn’t manifest.

As long as your affirmations help you to change the way you feel about yourself, change your beliefs and help you shift into another state (the state where you have your desire), that’s great. Keep on doing that. But, if after months and months of affirming something, and that something is still not true to you, still has not hardened into fact, then your affirmations are not working, and they have just become “vain repetition” wasting your time and energy, and making you even more powerless as time goes on.

So, instead, FEEL that you are who you want to be from within. BE that which you want to be in your inner man, and then, and only then, affirm if you want, but only to make your existing feeling even stronger. However, most likely, you will be passed affirmations by then.


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