Understanding The Concept of Free Will

understand the concept of free will

One of the most difficult concepts to understand, even for people in the manifesting community, it’s the concept of free will. Do we impede the free will of other people when we manifest a specific person? Do we manipulate people? Is it ethical to manifest a specific person? These are some of the questions that you’ll never get the answers to anywhere, but in the Neville Goddard’s teaching/manifesting community, so if you are here already, but still can’t quite wrap your head around this, keep on reading.

Separation is an Illusion

The illusion of the free will to do is but ignorance of the law of assumption upon which all action is based… The whole vast world is yourself pushed out. – Neville Goddard

The world as you see it and the people in it is YOU pushed out. Even though it feels that the events happening around you and the people coming into your life are independent of you, they are not. You are everyone and everything pushed out. And the way people showed up in your life, or left your life, long before you even knew about manifesting, were yourself pushed out. While it seemed that people around you acted upon their own free will, they could only act toward you according to your-self.

The reason why some people don’t understand and even get upset when they hear that people have no free will, it’s because they think separation. For them, every single person is their own entity completely separated from other people and from themselves. But this is just a big illusion. You are not separated from other people and they are not separated from you. Every person in your life is a manifestation of you. This doesn’t mean that they are puppets and that they don’t have their own life to live, but in your world, they can only be YOU pushed out. They can only be a reflection of you.

To give you a concrete example, when I met my specific person, of course, he had a life of his own before he met me. But the moment he stepped into my reality he was me pushed out. The very reason that he stepped into my life it’s because I had manifested him. Then when I truly consciously decided that I wanted this man in my life, I could even see with my naked eyes, so to speak, how he was totally me pushed out, to the point that he was inspired to take some actions that even he didn’t understand. But he went ahead and did it anyway.

However, it felt natural to him. He didn’t feel forced, uncomfortable, or uncertain. He did it all willing, fully believing that it came from him. In my case, my personal experience with my SP is THE best proof of what free will is really all about.

Try it on yourself. Set up an intention, and you will notice that after that, your mind and body will be moved in directions that you will have no control of, all the while feeling natural as if you were making choices. But if you stop and watch what is happening, you will notice that you’re not. You, and whoever else needs to be moved to bring you your desire will be moved.

You don’t Influence Others, You Influence Yourself

You do not have to be concerned about influencing others, as they are not the cause. Your imaginal act is! Those who have a billion dollars are not causing your world. You are alone doing it, as your imaginal acts influence people. Everyone is yourself pushed out, so when you imagine you are influencing yourself. – Neville Goddard

When you hear one of those law of attraction teachers, or what have you, getting upset and offended at the thought of manipulating people, when we’re talking about manifesting a specific person, it’s because they are deep into the illusion of separation, and because they do not understand that they’ve influenced people around them their whole lives anyway, but without knowing they were doing it.

When you are using your imagination or affirmations to manifest something or someone, it is YOU that you are affecting, changing, and transforming. And therefore, you manifest what matches YOU. You’ve been doing it your entire life, but like most people out there, you’ve been doing it unconsciously. However, there wasn’t a moment in your life when you weren’t doing it.

If you’ve always had people living you, it’s because you probably have an abandonment issue, as I did. If you had people abusing you in some way, it’s because you carried the belief that you were to be abused. So, those people who acted the way they acted, had no free will, but to mirror you. When you come to realize this fact and change your self-concept, people will have no choice but change their behavior toward you. People in your reality have no choice but to conform to YOUR assumption. In other words, it is impossible not to influence others, no matter what you believe or do.

You are the Source of Your Reality

If I believe that I am injured or that others are against me, I have conjured them in my world, and they have to be against me. If I fully believe that all are working towards the fulfillment of my good, they have to work towards the fulfillment of my good. I don’t ask them. I simply do it within myself, and the whole vast world exists within me. Therefore, it is myself “pushed out.” It’s objectified. I don’t have to change affairs, I only change it within myself, and then everyone, though I know him or not by name – it doesn’t really matter, – it’s myself pushed out. – Neville Goddard – The Secret of Imagining

I have had people asking me if wishing something bad on others would mean that they would get it back. This type of question comes from the misunderstanding and fear that wishing something bad onto another might get back to them, so maybe they shouldn’t. But this is such a huge misconception of the whole picture.

If you truly love yourself and you understand that there is no such thing as separation, you would never wish something bad onto others. Not even those who have hurt you. If you are in a vengeful state you are not in the state of love. In fact, you are in a state of hate and fear, and that alone will bring you more unwanted things in your own life, not because you are wishing ill upon another person, but you are doing it to yourself.

Louise Hay used to say, hurt people hurt people. It is your “hurting state” that even brings to mind such thoughts as wishing bad onto others to get revenge. So, the question is not about is it going to get back to me, the real question should be, why am I so hurt? Because if you are that hurt, then you need to heal YOURSELF, so you will stop manifesting people hurting you.

On another note, when you want to manifest a romantic partner, whether it’s someone you already know or someone you don’t know, yet, it is always someone specific. So the fact that you are focusing on a specific person it’s nothing out of the ordinary, and believing that it is, is also a misunderstanding of the law of assumption.

That person or anyone else is YOU pushed out, anyway, it doesn’t matter if you know them already or if you don’t. You are never forcing anyone to do anything. All you have to do is imagine, and it is done. That person, whether you know them or not will start acting as if it came from them, but since there is no such thing as free will, they will feel as if they made the decision. This is spiritual law, and no one can escape it.

And this doesn’t apply only to a romantic partner, it applies to everyone and anyone. If you are manifesting a specific job, some specific people will have to act in accordance to your desire. If you are manifesting someone giving you something, that person will have to act in accordance to your desire. Even if your desire is to get help in some way, someone will have to move in accordance to your desire to give you that help. And the list goes on.

Neville knew all too well that free will is just an illusion, and it is only because of the ignorance of how the law works that people are falling into that illusion to the point that they feel that it’s irreverent to manifest a specific person and that it goes against their free will and against moral. If this is you, it is my hope, however, that after having read this article, your concept of free will has changed.


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