Letting Go – The Balance Between Persistence and Detachment When Manifesting

letting go

In the manifesting community, there is major confusion about the term “letting go.” So many think it means forgetting about the desire. Many of us have come to the Law of Assumption via the Law of Attraction. Here we were taught to choose our desire, pick a manifesting technique and then “let it go.” However, I believe, that even in the Law of Attraction community, letting go does not mean: do not think about your desire anymore. What letting go really means, is to let go of the feelings of lack around wanting the desire.

Living in the End and Neville

Neville Goddard never seems to have used the term letting go. The closest he comes to it, is mentioning “living in the end” as in “Feeling is the Secret” when he says:

“Call your desires into being by imagining and feeling your wish fulfilled. As the end is accepted, you become totally indifferent as to possible failure, for acceptance of the end wills the means to that end.”

You notice from this quote that Neville speaks of indifference. But for some, this may be easier said than done. When it comes to manifesting something we crave, whether love, money, perfect health or a new home, how do we balance the burning desire with the ability to be unbothered by its blatant absence from the 3d world?

In plain English, living in the end or letting go, means not stressing over whether manifesting is working, nor checking every five minutes to see if anything has changed.

It also means that natural action should be completely natural and not obsessive. A concrete example of this would be say – if manifesting a desired career. Having intended this, you may feel like searching online for work. If it feels natural you just know it, but if you become absorbed in a three-hour search wondering why there are no ads for your career and why your manifestation isn’t happening, then you aren’t living in the end and you are not letting go. You are not allowing things to unfold. Your action towards this desire is not natural. All of these things – taking actions naturally, living in the end, letting go – are all inter-connected.

How Can I be Indifferent to What I Want?

When Neville speaks of indifference, he doesn’t mean you just have to shrug your shoulders and say, “I don’t care whether I get this or not.” Our desires spring from the central desire to progress in life, to be happy. No one ever consciously manifests, in order to experience misery, not usually. It is natural that our desires fill us with thoughts that we will be happier with them, than without them. However this attachment is a stumbling block for many, especially in the areas of health and the perennial Specific Person. And here is the tricky thing, for how does a human, even when they know they are God, lean into the knowing, persist and let go of the grasping desperation at the same time?

Being Present

Change your conception of yourself and you will automatically change the world in which you live. Neville Goddard

It is about being present. It is about knowing what you want and why you want it and by practising whatever technique or affirmations you use, and persisting. So you express the faith of it being possible and at the same time by not constantly questioning, you are letting go. You are accepting. You are allowing. Regular, relaxed practice (scripting, visualising, affirming) is an act of faith which in itself is letting go, when performed with confidence.

I can liken letting go to a recent experience, when I admired some wind-chimes hanging from a tree in someone’s garden. I longed to hear them play but there was no breeze. I decided to detach so I turned my back, all the while thinking how pleasant it would be to hear them. Then I took out my phone and I went on Facebook. While I was absorbed in responding to someone on there, the chimes began to play. This is what I feel detachment is. It is when we want something, but we become absorbed in living, knowing the world is greater than our desire. Having expressed the desire and given it space to manifest by not pouring anxiety or impatience on it, the desire can breathe.  

It is not the same as giving up, yet conversely, when we energetically move away from some desire, it comes in. For example, I once had a strong desire for several years that a neighbor of mine would move. I consciously manifested a new apartment – despite the 3d telling me no – and within one month of moving into it, the neighbor above my old apartment moved out! This kind of happening often confuses people into thinking that they can only get their desires if they give up which they think is the same as letting go. But what has really happened is that the lack and the desire were pushing and pulling against each other. When one was dropped (the lack) the desire came in.

How do we learn to be present?

By turning our attention to ourselves – to whom we want to be, and to whom we think we will become if we have our desire. By knowing that this person we wish to be, is already alive within us. This is where self-concept is important. Think about when you pick up sand from the beach and you hold it very tightly, but it runs through your fingers. There is a fine art between wanting the desire and bringing it in, calm and centered in the knowing that conscious manifesting is real. It takes commitment to both your desire and to the belief in your own power.

So today, perhaps you wish to add a new affirmation to your repertoire. “It is easy for me to let go, knowing I always get what I want,” and no matter what is going on around you right now, take a few seconds to breathe, to calm yourself, and affirm, “everything in my life is perfect.” Turn your attention away, turn your back from what is lacking and focus on the still center within you. Less effort is what is required.

As Neville says, “Your desires are the invisible realities which respond only to the commands of God.” Those commands are yours. Assume it is done and it is.

Written by Nell

Nell lives and works in Britain. Discovering conscious manifesting years ago changed her life for the better. Now she is changing it even more with Neville Goddard’s teachings. She loves to write. She intends her words inspire other manifestors to find the path of least resistance to their dreams. 


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