You Manifest 24/7 According to Your Assumption

you manifest according to assumption

The subconscious mind accepts as true that which you feel as true, and because creation is the result of subconscious impressions, you, by your feeling, determine creation. You are already that which you want to be, and your refusal to believe this is the only reason you do not see it. Neville Goddard – Feeling is the Secret

You manifest 24/7 according to your assumption. The law doesn’t have an on and off button. What you accept as true is true for you. Whatever you are assuming of yourself right now, you are. And whatever state you return to most often, is your dwelling place. Whether you feel like the queen or king of the world or you feel that you are a victim, you are right. The law of assumption will never contradict you, not even for your own good. There is no judgment, and there is nothing telling you that you should go left or right. YOU are the God of your reality and you have the choice to be what you want to be, as long your desire matches your belief.

Once you get this, you will have understood everything that there is to be understood in this world. But, yes, this goes against most common beliefs in most cultures all around the world that teach that there is a force outside of us judging, punishing, or rewarding us. Even the law of attraction folks teach that, but this is not how this world works. This is not how spiritual law (the law of assumption) works.

You ARE the God of Your Reality

God does not in any way dictate what I should want to entertain as thoughts. So, you want to feel sorry for yourself and go out and eat worms, go and eat the worms, have some more. That’s exactly what he does to all of us, no compassion whatsoever. Don’t think for a moment that he’s going to stop you in the act. He will allow you to make all the mistakes in the world. Neville Goddard – lecture – Law of Assumption

I run into a lot of people saying that they don’t understand Neville because of the way he expresses himself or how he wrote. Here, in this lecture, mentioned above, one might think that he’s talking about a God outside of us, but we know that’s not the case because Neville didn’t believe in that. But he was speaking to an audience that probably had such beliefs, so he was explaining to them what this God-force really is in those terms.

You “choose” your reality. And whether it is conscious or unconscious, it is still a choice. You could unconsciously choose to be a victim your whole life, but because you are the operant power, it is still a choice. Some people even find it comfortable to a victim, to the point that if you show them the way to get out of that victimhood, they won’t accept it, they will find all the excuses in the world to remain in it. It’s their choice.

One the other hand, you might have been looking for the truth about this world for a long time, like I was, so when you finally discovered the teaching of the law of assumption (spiritual law) it resonated with you instantly. You quickly compared your past thoughts and mental diet with your life, and you were quickly convinced that what Neville Goddard taught is 100% true. Your whole life has shown you that you are everyone pushed out and that your thoughts create your reality.

What You Assume Manifests

You manifest 24/7 because what you are assuming, no matter what it is, will manifest. It is law. The reason why most people get more of what they don’t want than what they do want it’s because their assumptions don’t match their desires.

For example, if your main desire is to manifest a specific person into your life, or back into your life, your main assumption should be that your desire is a done deal and that you already are with your person at a consciousness level. You should be living in the state of your wish fulfilled which is the necessary mental state you need to be in before your desire hardens into fact in the 3D world. But the wide majority of people who are manifesting a specific person spend more time looking out there, in 3D, acknowledging that their person isn’t here yet. And that’s why they’re not.

Start assuming NOW what you want to be and have because the law of assumption doesn’t have an on and off button. Neville said, you are the operant power, the world doesn’t operate by itself. Everything that we see out there in our world is based on our assumption. So, based on that if you assume that your desire isn’t here, then by law, it won’t be. On the other hand, if you assume that it is, then by law it has to be.

The widest spread assumption that exists, even among the conscious manifesting crowd, it’s that we are separated from everything and everyone, but this is one of the biggest illusion of the world in which we live. Nothing and no one is separated from you. Just like in a sleeping dream you are all the characters and objects that you see in your dream, the people and “circumstances” that you create in your waking dream (life) are not separated from you. They are YOU pushed out.

This is something that those who are feeling that it is wrong to manifest a specific person don’t understand, for example. No matter who you are going to manifest, consciously or unconsciously, it is always going to be a specific person according to your assumption. Nobody is separated from you.

What You Assume to be True Will be True to You

Look as though you saw, listen as though you heard; stretch forth your imaginary hand as though you touched… and your assumptions will harden into facts. – Neville Goddard

Everything in this thing that we call life is based upon your assumption. Whatever you assume to be true will be true to you. This is why even opposite thoughts can be both true and false depending on who is believing them.

If you believe that you have to be deserving of something to get that thing, then it will be true to you. If you believe that you have to have regular health checks to the doctor to be healthy, then it is going to be true to you. If you believe that it’s hard to learn a foreign language, then this will be true to you. If you believe that you have to look a certain way to attract a lover, then this will be true to you. I could go on and on listing all the zillion assumptions that people have, and they would all be true, as long as you believe that they are.

However, the law of assumptions says that you don’t have to believe any of that and that you can create your own assumptions. And as soon as you do, that said assumption will be working for you on auto-pilot. I had to replace a good 90% of the assumptions that I used to have in my younger years, and I kept the good ones that were already serving me. So, today, I am not bothered by a lot of things that bother some people that I know, for example, because their assumption about the world is totally different than mine.

We have a choice, and even being born in the society that we are born in, it’s up to us to believe what we are told or to question everything that we are told. I know that I have been doing this since I can remember. My own parents told me that from age two they could tell that I had a mind of my own. That’s never left me.

But wherever you’re coming from which eventually brought you here, it’s because somehow you assumed that this could be true. That there was something more than meet the eyes, and that you are more than you were told. You are the God of your reality, and what you assume to be true manifest. So with this in mind, use this knowledge about the law of assumption and manifest the life that you want. Once you assume it fully, it is done.


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