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  • How to Make this New Year the Best Year of Your Life
    The content emphasizes the importance of internal transformation and assuming the feeling of already being the desired person. It explains the limitations of relying solely on willpower and physical actions and advocates for embodying the desired state to naturally and effortlessly take actions that lead to success. This approach is attributed to Neville Goddard’s teachings and the author’s personal experiences.
  • You Must Die to the Old Self to Live to the New
    Have you died to the old man? Have you died to your old self, so you can give life to the new? And what does does it mean? If you are new to the law, you may not understand what this even means, but if you’ve landed here, my guess is that you are interested…
  • How Do We Truly Manifest?
    Thanks to an Instagram post of mine, a couple of days ago, I was made aware more than ever before, about the confusion that exists, in the conscious manifesting community, about how we truly manifest. This is why this article is needed today, even though I haven’t written a blog article in a little while….
  • Everyone is You Pushed Out – Full and Simply
    This is my third article on the subject of everyone is you pushed out in this blog, so, once you’re done with this one, if you are still confused about this topic, you may want to check my article EIYPO What Does it Mean? And EIYPO is Part of the Law. Interestingly, the EIYPO topic…
  • Your God-Self is Greater than Your Subconscious Programming
    I was inspired to write this blog article following module #1o of my Understand the Law of Assumption 101 workshop (soon to be available in the form of a course), where I discussed the fact that your assumptions surpass your subconscious mind programming. The module, which, by the way, members of the group loved. Understanding…

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